Former White House Assistant Says ‘Black America Needs Its Own President’ — Theodore R. Johnson III

ETA, Expose Them All, Theodore R. Johnson III

To suggest any sort of “separate but equal” type of situation would be terribly racist unless you happen to be black, in which case it becomes brilliant. Lucky for Theodore R. Johnson III that he has the pre-requisite skin color for genius. The activist, writer, and former White House Fellow figures black America has had enough of the white man’s president and it’s time they got one of their own.

Writing for The Root, Johnson asserts Black America Needs Its Own President because, well…Ferguson (what else?)

The killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., sparked a movement much larger than concerns about the aggressive policing of black men. The marches and protests are a larger commentary about the economic and societal disenfranchisement of black people and the response to Brown’s death is a coalescing event, sounding the latest clarion call for America to revisit her unresolved original sin.

So it is Johnson’s position that America has done nothing for blacks since the days of slavery. I guess the Civil War, the Emancipation Proclamation, the Civil Rights Act, and the billions (if not trillions) of dollars in programs and subsidies for blacks mean nothing. A black guy was killed while attacking a cop and Johnson wants action.

But movements need leaders. And while this one certainly has organizers doing important work, it is missing the critical element that black America has not produced for some time: a national, unifying figure. Black America needs its own presidential figurehead—a chief executive who can artfully make the compelling case to the country that we are unfairly and unconstitutionally subjugated.

The problem is there is a void of viable candidates for Black President.

In a survey last year, a plurality of black Americans (40 percent) said there is no leader who speaks for them.

What about Jesse Jackson?

Even when familiar names were presented, such as the Rev. Jesse Jackson or current Congressional Black Caucus members, only 1 in 10 felt these leaders were adequately giving voice to their issues.

How about race hustler FBI snitch Al Sharpton?

The most popular name was the Rev. Al Sharpton, but there is a growing sentiment that his vision and approach lack currency.

Surely Barack Obama would make a good black president. He’s partially black, isn’t he?

And the individual who might be the most capable, President Barack Obama, has explicitly stated that he’s “not the president of black America,” he’s president of the United States.

Johnson doesn’t know who should be the Black President, but he thinks it should be a woman and that the position should be self-appointed with no elections involved. I think Dave Chapelle’s Black Bush would be a good candidate. “Mars, bitches.”

By why stop at just a blacks only president? Blacks should push to have their own schools, bathrooms, water fountains, and restaurants too. The only way to be truly equal is to be completely separate, right?

Now let’s imagine the outrage of a white, Asian, or Latino calling for their own racially exclusive president. Do you think Johnson or the black community would think that was a neat idea?

Too many black activists seem to think that the key to achieving equality lies in dividing the races and having an unequal set of rules.  SOURCE


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  1. I think that if more of our black people wake up the more we can unite and take the blind folds off together so we can all see that what is so called hidden from us is right in our face. Then we can and will get something done.


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