Memphis niccas bobble through Kroger parking lot – attacking 17-yo White male youth who was hit hard – a White woman, and one black security guard who got himself in the mix

Two videos in this link, in the top video is jew-media BS, in the bottom (raw) video you can hear a female negro voice saying “they gots ah wite gurl” (as some action takes place where she’s aiming the camera). In the jew-media report it says that ‘some people’ are ‘wondering’ if this was a ‘hate crime.’ But that was quickly dispelled by a negro employee who claims the attackers were comprised of both blacks and whites as were the victims. But I didn’t see any White attackers. And other than the black security guard, the two that are known to have been attacked were White. The White kid slapped to the ground and the ‘wite gurl’ the shegro said was being attacked. I will say that the black security guard most likely saved the White kid from serious injuries. Another pumpkin, kick or stomp to the head may have had serious repercussions.


Non-racial black-attack…

Gets dat wite boy!

Stomp on he haid mayne!

Looks like its happened before – here’s one of last year’s victim…

Elvis would not be pleased


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