Understanding the Jewish Role in Ethnic Conflict in America and Elsewhere — Duke

David Duke spells it out below, in an intelligent and scholarly way too. And for those who don’t know, he also does a one hour M-F radio broadcast on the Rense Network (main page here). His broadcasts, along with hundreds of others, now available via the internet, are what makes the one time “Main Stream Media” – the “Legacy Media.” Yeah, nothing but a relic from the past. Yes. And as far as I’m concerned, those Legacy Media jews can whine, cry, moan, groan and lie to each other all they want. And you know what? I don’t care. Because I don’t listen. Continue yelling in that empty can jews, just so you all can hear an echo to make it appear as if someone is actually there – listening/watching – giving a damn about what you say.

Jew News – a thing of the past…

Oy vey, vee saw some vite racism today! Mandy Cohen’s in-depth report…

Plus, there wuz two incidences of ‘anti-Semitism’ during zee past eight months. Let us bring in a of couple ‘experts’ for you … our pals from synagogue to explain…

It would be ‘racist’ if I read, watched or listened to anything from David Duke.

Vite supremacists, vite haters, vite raaaaacists, NAZI, KKK, HITLER!

Black reverends supremacists good, millions upon millions of non-white ‘immigrants’ good, war is good, economy struggling but doing great and blah, blah, blaaaah.

Jews do not run zee media, zee money or zee government, it’s all just racial canards (canard+ADLcanard+dukecanard+MacDonald).

Oh yes and for zee last two seconds of our broadcast – a vite man and his girlfriend wuz murdered today – twenty-two ‘African-Americans’ arrested – it was a ‘random act of violence’ – a ‘robbery gone bad’ – a ‘drug deal turned sour’ – vould you go for; “they called the African-Americans zee ‘N’ word?”

Smarten up White folks – tune out the jew lies and propaganda – it’s mostly nothing but ‘anti-whitisms’ – whether overtly or covertly – nothing but a pack of jew lies! And who wants to remain or become stupid from lies!?

And BTW, Duke’s 100% correct, jews don’t uplift blacks because they love blacks, they do it because they hate Whites.


Everyone who follows the news knows of so-called “racial conflict” in places such as Ferguson, MO and elsewhere—and of seemingly ever-increasing tensions between the races in America and other countries around the world.


The Jewish Supremacist-controlled media and entertainment industry plays a crucial role in helping to set the stage for this ongoing conflict—while, behind the scenes, dedicated Jewish Supremacist activists work full-time at inciting and radicalizing African-Americans—and all  non-white Americans, for that matter—to engage in anti-European-American actions.

All of this is carefully designed not to provide “justice” to African-Americans or anybody else, but rather to bolster the Jewish Supremacist political agenda, which is based on a divide-and-conquer strategy of provoking disunity among everyone else while fanatically building Jewish unity and promoting a Jewish ruling elite.

The first step in this multi-faceted process is to influence African-Americans—and young people from that community in particular—to be filled with hate for European-Americans.

To achieve this, the media—through so-called “intellectual” channels and through the “entertainment” media (Hollywood, TV etc.)—feeds a constant diet of incitement and viscous propaganda which is designed to make African-Americans (and all non-European Americans) blame European-Americans for all their ills.  Much More Here


David Duke Audio on the Rense Network (1)
David Duke Audio on the Rense Network (2)


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