[WATCH] Entitled “Hey White People” Video Will Make Your Blood Boil

Although many red-blooded Americans would like to see racism completely overcome, it seems that some are intent on keeping it around just a little while longer. Using it as a crutch, a recent video that is ticking off Conservatives nationwide has gone to further the mentality of the entitled all the while blaming — you guessed it — white people for their problems.

The message came about where a Liberal leaning organization spoon-fed child actors to say and act how they saw best fit to get across their message. In a video called “Hey White People,” a few blacks from Ferguson decided they’d try to set the record straight all the while pointing the finger at anyone but themselves.

Spewing half-baked facts designed to get across their message, the race baiting was long and frustrating for viewers being attacked for simply being white. However, the fact of the matter is that this is yet another attempt to excuse the acts of those who wish to act in a manner not deemed appropriate by society, all the while leaning upon the suffering of their ancestors to do so.

Adding a touch of comedy to the underlying tone of the video, The Gateway Pundit states:

The first rule of race-hustling… Never look inside your own community for change.
The second rule of race-hustling… Always blame whitey.
The third rule of race-hustling… Make some greenbacks.



“Hey Crackers” – Just ignore all the White victims of black hate and racism


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