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Four newly-released audios by Dr. William L. Pierce – good stuff. Download/Listen below or click here for 630 more. Page also includes the following eBooks:  (1) The Fame of a Dead Man’s Deeds, (2) Cosmotheism Trilogy (3) Hunter (4) The Turner Diaries.

Audio Files VBR MP3 Ogg Vorbis
001 – Newly-Released – ‘Change versus Progress’ – I had to go to juvenile court with my two 16-yo old sons – (speech – 12-05-1976) – (released by Kevin Alfred Strom) (Pierce) 20.3 MB 6.9 MB
002 – Newly-Released – ‘Fundamentals for Victory‘ – …what we’re trying to do here is very difficult… – (speech – 10-24-1976) – (released by Kevin Alfred Strom) (Pierce) 25.3 MB 8.4 MB
003 – Newly-Released – ‘America the Sleepwalker‘ – (speech – 05-22-1977) – (released by Kevin Alfred Strom) (Pierce) 13.9 MB 9.2 MB
004 – Newly-Released – ‘The Trouble with People‘ – (speech – 11-07-1977) – (released by Kevin Alfred Strom) (Pierce) 17.6 MB 11.9 MB


See Also:

The Turner Diaries – depicts a violent revolution in the United States which leads to the overthrow of the United States federal government, nuclear war, and, ultimately, to a race war. Included; 80 audio files, over 10 hours of; The Turner Diaries by Dr. William L. Pierce (under the pen name of Andrew MacDonald). (PDF of book plus cover also added for download).



The Dr. William L. Pierce Collection (Video) – 90 files



  1. whitesunite14

    Thanks for promoting the works of Dr. Pierce and also for leading me to some other interesting material. This ADV with Dr. Pierce appears to be missing. I thought this would be a good website to post it.


    • Thank you as well. And you’re right – the one you linked to wasn’t there. Definitely pleased to upload a ‘new’ WP broadcast. Added to the MP3 player and both the online and offline archives. Thanks again….

      The ‘Peace Process’ (2001-02-10) (Dr. William Pierce)


  2. Pingback: Flashback; The 1998 gang initiation murders of two young White women by African and Aztec savages — Victims; Susan Raye Moore (25) and Tracy Rose Lambert (18), Dr. William L. Pierce | ETA - Expose Them All

  3. Thank you for promoting the newly-released audio lectures by Dr. Pierce. They are a must listen for all Patriots, and they lay the foundation for a Cosmotheist Worldview.

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    • You’re welcome and I agree 100% – Dr. Pierce’s works are a must listen, read and study. He’s been gone since 2002 yet his works are just as relevant today as they were back then. So happy to locate previously unreleased materials by him. What a find, listened to them as soon as I found them. In a righteous world his materials would be translated into every language the world over and taught in schools everywhere. What a guy and what superior materials he left for us. Perfect, just perfect!

      PS. Sorry for the delayed reply.


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    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

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