The Margaret Elizabeth ‘Maggie’ Daniels rape and murder case

The Margaret Elizabeth ‘Maggie’ Daniels rape and murder case.
Newton, North Carolina.

Miss Daniels was a 31-yo White school teacher-guidance councilor. She had relocated to Newton, NC. from Lakewood, OH. (a suburb of Cleveland) after graduating from college. Assumedly to take the school job. The city she relocated from, Lakeland, OH., boasts a healthy White population – out of 52,000 residents, almost 93% are White, while less than 2% are black (2013). Not perfect but yet not that bad either. I prefer 100% but in today’s multicultural USA, 93%+ is not the worst. After college, where she earned some type of degree in education, again, after graduation, she relocated from her home base of Lakewood, OH. to her new home in Newton, NC. Where she resided in an apartment complex. Newton, NC. is a city comprised of 68% White, 14% negro, 12% Aztec Indian (’Hispanic’), 2% mixed race, and a small percentage of other undesirables. And as is typical, it was a member of the ‘14%’ which raped and murdered her.

I’ve had this case stored on my computer ever since it first took place. And usually I’m in no real hurry as to when I work on it. As my only goal is to archive these items in my personal files (on disc) and also on the internet. So, there really is no rush. In any case, I started working on it this evening. And as is the norm, my first actions were to review what I had already saved, and then search for more info, if any, to add to the that which had been saved. Looking for more details, missed details, stuff I may not have already gotten and of course the latest and most recent details, if any. And in this case, since I first browsed through it and saved what I had saved, there were a few more details. Some new, some that I didn’t see at first.

Now I’m not ‘colorblind,’ I see colors. Matter of fact, I can even see in black and white. And I just can’t ignore the fact that it was a White woman who was raped and murdered. Nor the inconvenient yet harsh fact that it was a black beast who committed the libidinous savagery. Yes, a lusting, rutting negro in heat – one who sees the White female as not only the most beautiful object it’s ever set its eyes upon but also, as nothing but a piece of meat. And when a negro lusts after a White woman, attacks, rapes, and then simply kills her when its done, what else could I think? I mean, unless I was ‘colorblind.’ Or, just blind. Or really, if I may be so blunt, if I were just plain stupid.

Sometimes, when I delve into these cases. I also want to see what the victim did or did not do in order to protect themselves. At least in the best way they could have. Plus, I want to know if perhaps, they were ‘colorblind.’ And with a single White woman living in an apartment complex filled with negroes, that notion really piqued my interest. I wanted to know if the woman was smart enough and aware enough to realize and understand the real and true dangers she was in. After all, this was a member of my race, matter of fact, one of the weakest, most delicate members of my race – who was raped, murdered and strangled to death. And then just dropped down to the floor when the raping killer became satisfied, when he was done. And it made me sick. I was hurt, I was angry and I was disgusted. Good lord woman, what did YOU do to protect against this! Did you do anything! Or, were you ‘colorblind?’

As mentioned, when I look into these cases, time permitting and if I have the desire, sometimes I do detailed searches on them. I search stuff like; “victim name+911 call.” “Victim name+boyfriend.” “Victim name+mother speaks” – “father speaks,” “parents interviewed” etc. etc. And when I did that with Maggie Daniels I saw where she had a black boyfriend. Like damn, that changes everything. At first I thought she was a 100% innocent victim, which she was but, just not as sweet and innocent as I had thought. She was a high risk victim. She trusted blacks, she loved blacks, she was ‘colorblind.’ And being ‘colorblind,’ means, at least to me, she was PC, she was a latent Marxist, she was foolish. Yet in this case, it was worse, she was also a race traitor. So yeah, this changes things. She was not simply an innocent victim who was murdered by her black neighbor. She was a victim of high risk. One who had made herself appear as cheap and as devoid of character as she could have. And also, one who was lacking in pride, morals, self-worth, self-respect and was more vulnerable because of all this. In other words, rather than beaming with self-esteem, honor and seen as unapproachable, she made herself out to be one with low self-esteem, dishonor and very approachable. And that’s what any observant black buck (and neighbor) would have noticed and realized as she strutted her black boyfriend around within that apartment complex like a five-dollar whore would do. And then of course into her own personal apartment unit where one’s imagination could really turn perverted. Lusting black bucks wouldn’t see her as a decent woman who just ‘happened’ to like black ‘men.’ They’d see her for what she was, a race traitor, a cheap tramp and a nasty, easy whore who loves AIDS infected black d*ck. You see, blacks think differently than Whites. While Whites are indoctrinated into being ‘colorblind,’ blacks see things in full color and within reality. And the reality is, blacks are racially aware and when they see a White woman who associates with black bucks, they understand that woman is a prideless, superficial, non-thinking, inferior b*tch. One who has a low self-image and who doesn’t think much of herself. And it wouldn’t surprise me that if he ’made a move’ on her the evening she was murdered and she turned him down. And by such a ‘low-life’ thing as her, turning him down, that was a greater insult than his huge ego could bear. I mean, she’s ‘f*cking the other n*ggas’ – how she gone turn me down? There was no forced entry into her apartment, as in; ‘the door wasn’t kicked in.’ So I almost think she let him in. And in one of the videos I posted below, an elderly White woman claims she saw Maggie allow the same negro who killed her into her apartment on at least one occasion (video 05 @ 1m 35s). Now he may have knocked on the door and when she answered, he just shoved her aside and entered. Perhaps she had her door unlocked and he simply slid in on her unnoticed and until it was too late? I don’t know. But whatever it was, it doesn’t matter, the buck was paying her a visit to get his share of the White ‘slut’ meat and she turned him down. He may have approached her thinking she was a $5 whore when she was really a $10 dollar one. Which angered the ‘fiddy-cent’ negro to no end. And he just couldn’t take the rejection. He was not ‘colorblind’ and couldn’t understand why a White ‘ho’ who loved black d*ck – didn’t want his. This of course is theory, nothing more than personal opinion. But after browsing through dozens of videos, news reports, social media and message boards, these were my feelings. And I hate to say any of this. After all she was a beautiful woman, one who had much going for her. Or at least ‘could have’ had much going for her. But, again, unlike the blacks, she was ‘colorblind.’ And being such, she was nothing but a blind idiot. Damn, I just don’t like those words. Especially against someone of my race and who became a victim of an inhumane and cruel beast. But unfortunately, one can either be dumb and blind or, smart with eyes wide open.

And there were other things. Really dozens of things that proved the poor thing just wasn’t thinking right. You know, that she was PC, racially unaware and was never taught or told the dangers of living with negroes in an apartment complex. Most notably, it was reported how she would sunbath in front of her apartment unit. Can ya imagine that? That beautiful body, all those soft, delicate European features, out in a public (and negro) apartment complex – in a bikini — sunbathing! I mean… you know… do I have to say ANYTHING else!? The woman wasn’t thinking right! She didn’t know how to think! Residing in an area fraught with negroes and she’s lying half naked out in the front yard! Add that to the fact that she had been seen parading a negro buck around the apartment complex and right into her apartment unit and like DAMN man! What could go wrong here!!!!???? Did anyone ever tell her that negroes are dangerous animals!? And that they will rape, rob and kill you! I doubt if anyone ever did explain that to her, but if they did, it’s more than obvious she did NOT listen! Being racially cognizant saves lives baby! And the life it could save may very well be your own! Oh gosh, that just sounds sooo ‘racist.’ I know it does – and blacks are just as ‘racist’ – and you can hate me, you can loathe me, you can despise me with your entire being but just listen, remember, blacks will rape, rob and KILL you! So be racially aware! I didn’t say hate, I said be smart – be racially aware! Do NOT be ‘dumb,‘ do not be ‘colorblind!’ Open those eyes – use everything you’ve got to survive! In this world, you’re going to need EVERYTHING!!!

I first titled this case as ‘Living the Diversity Nightmare.’ Which to me means a 100% innocent White victim. I have since re-titled it; ‘Living Black’ – a White who wants to live as black or within a black world.

Living Black; negro rapes-murders his White neighbor


Black boyfriend’s mother finds the White woman’s murdered body;

Addie Shuford

Mother of Maggie Daniels boyfriend found her body

Addie Shuford+mother in law+daughter in law

Below, Addie Shuford receiving her ‘racial and cultural harmony award’ from Mayor Anne P. Stedman – Mayor of the City of Newton, NC. – Shuford worked and volunteered at the same school district as Maggie.

Links – OneTwo


Below, is this Addie Shuford’s son and Maggie Daniels boyfriend? (image from Maggie’s Facebook page). If not, he looked something like the one displayed below.


Maggie’s sister, Colleen Daniels (left in image below) – on her Facebook page, she posted a video and story of an interracial marriage in Jamaica – she said of it; ‘the most amazing thing ever.’ And one must assume her dead sister, Maggie, felt the same way. Those interracial fiasco’s – ‘the most amazing things ever.’

Link to the ‘most amazing thing ever’ video

The number one killer of African-American women ages 15 to 34 is homicide at the hands of a current or former intimate partner. (And it doesn’t appear White women fair much better).


A few facts to the case, ‘sunbathing, semen found in the oral and rectal swabs of Daniels’ body, dark, curly (kinky) hairs, body cleaned with Scrubbing Bubbles and bleach.’ Links OneTwo


Did a surveillance camera captured it all?


Living Black; negro rapes-murders his White neighbor (01) grinned and smirked during perp walk – Raw Vid – Maggie Daniels, Sharman Odom 7.5 MB
Living Black; negro rapes-murders his White neighbor (02) grinned and smirked during perp walk – News Report – Maggie Daniels, Sharman Odom 16.9 MB
Living Black; negro rapes-murders his White neighbor (03) preyed on women, 3 other cases, not prosecuted – Maggie Daniels, Sharman Odom 35.8 MB
Living Black; negro rapes-murders his White neighbor (04) preyed on women, extensive police record, Maggie Daniels, Sharman Odom 33.3 MB
Living Black; negro rapes-murders his White neighbor (05) 1st court appearance, mother also facing charges, Maggie Daniels, Sharman Odom 13.4 MB
Living Black; negro rapes-murders his White neighbor (06) black female; he raped and choked me too, Maggie Daniels, Sharman Odom 35.3 MB
Living Black; negro rapes-murders his White neighbor (07) initial report, killer lived with mother at apt. complex, Maggie Daniels, Sharman Odom 25.5 MB
Living Black; negro rapes-murders his White neighbor (08) raw video, chief interviewed, this case is our top priority, Maggie Daniels, Sharman Odom 9.8 MB
Living Black; negro rapes-murders his White neighbor (09) raw video, killer’s mother attacks reporters, Maggie Daniels, Sharman Odom 13.7 MB
Living Black; negro rapes-murders his White neighbor (10) killer’s mother attacks reporters, charged with assault, Maggie Daniels, Sharman Odom 15.3 MB
Living Black; negro rapes-murders his White neighbor (11) killer’s mother attacks reporters, raw video, another angle, Maggie Daniels, Sharman Odom 8.6 MB
Living Black; negro rapes-murders his White neighbor (12) killer’s mother attacks reporters, news report, Maggie Daniels, Sharman Odom 14.1 MB
Living Black; negro rapes-murders his White neighbor (13) killer’s mother attacks reporters, news report, Maggie Daniels, Sharman Odom 11.6 MB
Living Black; negro rapes-murders his White neighbor (14) killer’s mother attacks reporters, same jail as her son, Maggie Daniels, Sharman Odom 536.1 KB
Living Black; negro rapes-murders his White neighbor (15) family devastated by murder, Maggie Daniels, Sharman Odom 869.5 KB
Living Black; negro rapes-murders his White neighbor (16) dead woman’s family; ‘only love lives here,’ Maggie Daniels, Sharman Odom 694.7 KB
Living Black; negro rapes-murders his White neighbor (17) killer not a monster, helped out at the church, Maggie Daniels, Sharman Odom 704.2 KB
Living Black; negro rapes-murders his White neighbor (18) killer moves in with mom, history of attacking women, Maggie Daniels, Sharman Odom 747.6 KB
Living Black; negro rapes-murders his White neighbor (19) death penalty, brought here in chains, still in chains, Maggie Daniels, Sharman Odom 725.4 KB
Living Black; negro rapes-murders his White neighbor (20) indicted, held without bond, Maggie Daniels, Sharman Odom 735.9 KB
Living Black; negro rapes-murders his White neighbor (21) ETA, Expose Them All, first report, Maggie Daniels, Sharman Odom 946.9 KB
Living Black; negro rapes-murders his White neighbor (22) search warrant, probable cause (1 of 3), Maggie Daniels, Sharman Odom 499.7 KB
Living Black; negro rapes-murders his White neighbor (23) search warrant, probable cause (2 of 3), Maggie Daniels, Sharman Odom 209.6 KB
Living Black; negro rapes-murders his White neighbor (24) search warrant, probable cause (3 of 3), Maggie Daniels, Sharman Odom 319.2 KB
Living Black; negro rapes-murders his White neighbor (25) 911 call, Maggie Daniels, Sharman Odom 538.7 KB

Racism, Defamation, Denigration, Contempt, Hate & Crimes against White People (5)



  1. Anton Chigurh

    Spot on reporting. The facts are out there, you just have to put them together. MSM does its best to obfuscate and keep normies from putting 2 + 2 together. BTW, Incogman’s web site was taken down. ZOG is desperately fightin back.


  2. Anon

    This is interesting. Also interesting: that he plead guilty to all of this. Also interesting: you never met her, and seem to know so much about her. I thought only God was omniscient. So amazing. This is neat that your thoughts are like, universal, and everything you say is just like, correct.


  3. bubo

    I’ve known women like this. A Yankee liberal white woman who’s moved south and knows in her heart that black people are treated terribly by racists for no reason and she’s going to be the counter to all that. That means bedding down with bucks to show all the local white men that they just don’t rate. Too naive to realize that when a buck sees a burner and knows she’s a burner… it’s on. She becomes community property. I wonder if her sister still thinks interracial romance is phenomenal?

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Eric

    The nigger who killed coalburner Daniels accepted a plea deal that allowed its sorry vine-swinging ass to avoid the death penalty and spend the rest of its useless existence in prison. Good riddance to both of them – one less coalburner to worry about and one less nigger roaming free in society with its paws out!

    As far as her being ‘smart’ – ah, no, she wasn’t – in fact, she was one of the stupidest white women of all time. She laid down with a beast of the field and that made her stupid and probably killed her. When niggers see that a white woman degrades herself with another nigger, then they think she’s fair game – after all, every nigger thinks that ‘de white women’ loves ‘de chocolate’.

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  5. Dr. Duke

    White girls – Stay away from feral niggers – if you’re smart! Nothing good will come of it!


  6. Peace

    Who ever wrote this is a racist pig. You are probably mad she didn’t want your sorry white AZZ. That rapist was an animal just like Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer. So before you try to call out a race check yours first! You are pathetic!


  7. Anonymous

    To whom wrote this, you are incredibly ignorant. Maggie Daniels was a smart and beautiful woman, and what happened was incredibly sad and she will always be remembered. This is not about race.


    • Of course its not about race – the victim was White. It’s only about race when the victim is black. You fk’n idiot. Now go back to your ‘black lives matter group’ … or, do you belong to the White Lives Don’t Mean Jack Sh-t Group?

      And PS fool, you can’t even support your own argument. How does “she was smart and beautiful” — and, “(this was) incredibly sad and she will always be remembered” substantiate; “this is not about race?”


    • Out of your tiny mind much ?


      • Eric


        Was Maggie Daniels ‘beautiful’? This is a matter of opinion – obviously, many niggers thought she was – she was engaged to a nigger and raped by one, so I guess she was nigger candy. From the pictures I’ve seen of her, she looks a little too bitchy and if she spread her legs for beasts, then she wasn’t that beautiful.

        Was she ‘smart’? Again, this is a matter of opinion. She practiced bestiality – that’s not very intelligent in my book, that’s incredibly delusional and stupid.

        This IS about race. What race, as a percentage of the world’s population is dying because their women are being brainwashed by the media to spread their legs for beasts of the field? Is it niggers? Asians? Maybe Eskimos? No, it’s the white race – it’s happening with increasing frequency in the Nordic countries (Denmark, Norway, and Sweden) where Nordic girls are being raped and murdered by the skraelings. In the States, the story of Maggie Daniels is all too frequent. White girl goes to university, gets brainwashed into believing the skraelings are “like us”, and spreads her legs for a shit-skinned nigger (her so-called ‘fiancée’), so, when other niggers see that a white woman has degraded herself by sleeping with someone outside of her race, they consider her ‘fair game’ because niggers are fucking stupid and, basically, animals.

        In many African and Asian cultures a woman who spreads her legs for someone outside of her caste (in India), her religion (Iran, Saudi and other sand-nigger countries that follow Islam), or her race (Vietnam, China, Japan, etc.), that woman is considered a whore. Only in white countries, which are dying more every day through falling births (thanks, JEWS!), race mixing and FORCED integration with the skraelings, does this happen.

        Maggie Daniels was brainwashed from birth to believe that niggers are wonderful and would not hurt a white woman, even though statistics say otherwise. I wonder if, in her final minute, she finally realized that she had been lied to her entire life? Further, I wonder if she damned the MSM, the Jews), and her parents and sister to hell for being led astray?

        So, how in the hell is this NOT about race?

        Liked by 1 person

  8. Anonymous

    Get a life


  9. Eric

    Hey ETA,

    I was actually in my hometown [which is right next door to Newton] when this story broke and I knew in my heart two things:
    a) Margaret Daniels was a coalburner or some derivative thereof.
    b) that a vineswinger had killed her

    I also thought that drugs might have been involved since Newton is a huge hub for drugs – it sits along the I-40 corridor going from Wilmington, NC to the west coast and is about an hour and a half away from I-85, which goes to Apelanta. Since it’s not unknown for mudsharks and their fellow travelers to indulge in their bestial pleasure because of drugs, I thought that ‘Maggie’ might have been a drug mule or sold her body for narcotics.

    Awesome reporting of the fate of all mudsharks and you are to be commended for the website as well!!



    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you very much. And so sorry for the delayed response, I’ve been busy on other things – trying to catch up.

      I had no idea about that area being a drug running hub but it definitely makes sense. Like you wrote, Apelanta is not too far away – and you know the apes are heavy haulers from that area. Distributing the goods within hundreds of miles. Then add in a white female here and there, get her hooked on dope beyond her salary range and you’ve got a bad situation. Maybe that’s why the police chief went out of his way denying that she ever met the killer? He just don’t want to deal with the dope aspect of it. Which is undoubtedly out of control. And like the one neighbor said, she saw the killer buck invited into the victim’s apartment on at least one occasion. And I don’t believe she lied about that. Nah, no matter how one looks at it, dope, n*ggers and white females – there’s just no good outcome.

      Thanks for the message and again sorry for the delayed response.


  10. Pulitzer Prize TNB reporting on this one ETA! I know this one had to take hours of research.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

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