Flashback; The 1998 gang initiation murders of two young White women by African and Aztec savages — Victims; Susan Raye Moore (25) and Tracy Rose Lambert (18), Dr. William L. Pierce

I wanted to add one more item from the late Dr. William L. Pierce before I moved on. And that is a text article which was also narrated and made into an audio speech by Dr. Pierce. The article is dated October of 1998 and can be viewed here. The audio speech has a broadcast date of September 26th, 1998 and can be listened to or downloaded here.

I think it’s very important for White people to look into and study older articles and broadcasts by the late Dr. Pierce. Even though most people’s initial reaction may be that these writings/speeches are ‘just too old’ and they are ‘no longer relevant.’ I must respectively disagree, and this is especially true for the ‘newbie’ – if you want to get up to speed, this is the stuff that will get you there.

The article/speech was entitled ‘Fashion for Genocide’ – the MP3 (after download), will simply read and be titled by the date; ‘092698‘).


In his 1998 reports, Dr. Pierce made reference to two young White women murdered by primitive creatures of every shade. While the killers were mostly black, there was an ‘Indian’ and at least one ‘Hispanic.‘ And really, if one should get right down to it, there’s not much difference between the ‘Indian’ and the ‘Hispanic.‘ Because in reality, they are both, and should be considered as, ‘Aztec-Indians’ – but that would be racist. So our sweet media explains to us that the ‘Indian’ is a ‘Native-American’ while the ‘Hispanic’ is just some cat from Mexico or further south of Mexico. And of course they are both considered as members of ‘special minority groups’ (IE; non-whites) once they make it to the US.  And of course, if they’re already in the US.  And naturally we must love them because of that. And whatever we think of them, we must never consider them as descendants of the Incas, Aztecs, Mayans, Olmecs etc. – barbaric and savage tribes of people who fought against one another, committed genocide against one another, and who would cut the beating hearts out of one another in sick satanic rituals. But oh no, we’re not talking about those killers and sadists – these are ‘Native-Americans’ and ‘Hispanics’ we’re talking about here. And they’ll blend well in today’s ‘multicultural’ America. They’ll fit right in boy. Just like the black savages do. Check out this link for the ‘Native-Americans’ and ‘Hispanics’ – and this one for ‘African-Americans’ – that is about how much they fit in.

Below, the two murdered young White women – Susan Raye Moore and Tracy Rose Lambert – executed in cold blood so some ‘African-Americans, a ‘native-American’ and a ‘Hispanic’ could earn their coveted ‘teardrop’ tattoo.

Christina Shea “Queen” Walters convicted; sentenced to death
Francisco “Paco” Tirado- convicted; sentenced to death

Both Walters and Tirado’s death sentences were later commuted to life. Her’s because of the ‘Racial Justice Act’ – his because he was 17 at the time of the crime and the supreme court ruled that was too young to die. So I guess in essence, screw the jury’s ‘rulings.’ And also, too bad someone didn’t ‘rule’ that Susan Moore and Tracy Lambert were too young to die. Lambert was only 18 years old when these savages assassinated her.

Eric Queen convicted; sentenced to death; committed suicide in prison
Carlos Frink convicted; sentenced to two consecutive LWOP

Queen got off too easy. Strung himself up in a prison janitor’s closet in 2007. The bastard. If he had only waited a couple more years… when the bleeding heart politicians passed the ‘Racial Justice Act’ his ‘racist’ death sentence would have been commuted. And then his life would have been a real ‘negro heaven’ – watching Oprah on TV, playing cards and sexing it up with the homies. Gosh, it just couldn’t have gotten any better than that.

John Juarbe convicted; sentenced to 29 years in prison; projected release
date 1/10/2023 — Darryl Tucker convicted; sentenced to 45 years in prison

What a joke, 29 years, 45 years – what the hell is that anyway? And they use to hang horse thieves.

Tameika Douglas plead guilty; sentenced to two consecutive LWOP
Ione Black plead guilty; sentenced to at least 4 years 10 months in prison

Everyone of these cretins involved in this case should have been strung up by the neck.
I just hate the thought of these bastards laid-up in that prison studying for their GED’s.
Plus, killing those baby-dolls like that – over a ‘teardrop’ tattoo.

Crips have their dark ‘ho’s’ paint the bullets blue with fingernail polish.

There was also a female negro victim, Debra Cheeseborough. She survived. But it’s not like they didn’t try, she was shot seven times. The gun jammed and couldn’t fire another round. So I guess that’s what saved her. And I’m not sure if she was victimized at the same time as the two White women or not. I didn’t really look into it. This site references White victims. And if any black wants to look into or talk about their victims then have a go at it. And that’s if the c*cksuckers ever do talk about black victims. Because all I ever hear them talking about is alleged and perceived ‘racism.’ ‘White raaaaaacism.’ But I did want to at least mention this, to be ‘fair and balance’ – you know, like Faux News?

The ‘Racial Justice Act’ (NC) – A non-white can kill a White, but a White jury can’t sentence them to death. Or, it would be ‘racist’ if they did. And most likely any death sentence (against a non-white) would be commuted to life. The Act was passed in 2009, revised in 2012 and repealed in 2013.







Racial Justice Act (NC)


While Dr. Pierce did mention the crime above, the bulk of his message was concerning Donald Lange. A 25-yo White soldier from California who had been stationed at Fort Bragg (NC). And who was beaten to near death at a Fayetteville, NC. IHOP restaurant by a tribe of blacks.

Depending on the report, it was recorded that between 7-12 negroes punched, kicked and stomped on Lange until he was in a lifelong vegetable state. Yet only four were ever charged. And at least three of the four were later acquitted. With the outcome of the fourth unknown.

I was unable to locate an image of Donald Lange but below, a few links.






Dr. Pierce also mentioned the case of Richard Skelton, a White man beaten and stomped to death by blacks in Alton, IL. I forget if Dr. Pierce mentioned this or not, or if the entire facts were known when he recorded his audio. But Mr. Skelton was murdered after he went to retrieve his TV set that his dope-headed daughter traded to the negroes for dope. I remember this case well and I remember that little factoid was scrubbed from the media as quickly as it was reported. And the media changed it to; ‘he was murdered after he belligerently ran up to the negroes while calling them the “N” word and ‘demanding’ his TV set back.’ And that makes about as much sense as pulling an apple off an orange tree. What it really was is that he thought he could reason with the negroes, explain to them that it was HIS television set and that his daughter had no right to trade it for dope. And evidently he just didn’t think an entire neighborhood of savages would attack him. But he couldn’t have been any more wrong than he was. And he paid for that miscalculation with his life. He must not have understood how these primitive-primates think, that the White man owes them everything. That it’s okay to beat and cheat a White out of his sh*t and there’s no problems in killing that White when they ask for a wrong to be righted. They figure it as; ‘whitey jus be payin he slabery resparations.’  In any case, this was another black against White crime Dr. Pierce had mentioned in the article and audio.

The hate crime murder of Mr Skelton is about like the hate crime attack against Mr. Lange, there’s just not much out there. Not even an image man – you see what I’m sayin?’ This link is it. BTW, wonder what ever happened to his daughter? Got her daddy murdered over a shot of negro dope.


Another case Dr. Pierce mentioned in his broadcast and within his article was the case of a lusting after White women negro serial killer – Kendall Francois.

Raped and murdered seven White prostitutes.

Raped and murdered them in his mammy and ole dude’s crib, where his sistah also lived. He buried the bodies around the shack below. When the police asked them why they didn’t suspect anything because of the smell, they answered in typical negro fashion; ‘weez jus thoughts it be de trash what be piled up inside.’ In the broadcast, Dr. Pierce stated how he had no sympathy for any White woman who would spread for a jig. But sometimes I do. And I wonder why. And I think it’s more because of illogical thinking on my part than rationality or even pity. I always try to give reason to my race’s folly. Sometimes even when no reason can be found. But I’ll tell you what, deep within my heart, I know, the great Dr. was and is right. And I think on things like this all the time. Like if the White race were ever to survive. And when it came time to remove all the jew and non-white filth from our midst, we’d have to go through millions of white trash before we’d ever get to one jew or non-white. And you know what, I wouldn’t care, I’d understand. That’s just the way it would have to be. The survival of my race is more important than anything. And if I ever saw the goalpost, I’d make damn sure I’d make the goal. And I wouldn’t give a damn who stood in my way. Nah Dr. Pierce was definitely right, sympathy against enemies and deviants are for suckers. And when it comes time to sweep off the mud, any white specks within that mud must be cleansed as well. It’s just rational, it’s natural and it makes sense. One can not consider the house cleaned if they don’t get all the dirt.

Kendall Francois+victims

Name Age Date of death
Wendy Meyers 30 c. October 1996
Gina Barone 29 c. November 1996
Catherine Marsh 31 c. November 1996
Kathleen Hurley 47 c. January 1997
Mary Healey Giaccone 29 c. November 1997
Sandra Jean French 51 c. June 1998
Audrey Pugliese 34 c. August 1998
Catina Newmaster 25 c. August 1998

Remember, the article here, the audio here.
Over 600 more Dr. Pierce audio files here.


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One brain dead White, ten body dead Whites.

Victim, Donald Lange, Father, Logan Lange, Mother, Donna Lange, Susan Raye Moore, Tracy Rose Lambert, Susan Moore, Tracy Rose Lambert, Francisco “Paco” Tirado, Francisco Tirado, Eric Queen, John Juarbe, Darryl Tucker Jr., Christina Walters, Carlos Frink, Iona Black, Tameika R Douglas, Wendy Meyers, Gina Barone, Catherine Marsh, Kathleen Hurley, Mary Healey Giaccone, Sandra Jean French, Audrey Pugliese, Catina Newmaster


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