Ebola – Just when you thought they couldn’t screw America any more.

A Liberian negro shows up at Dallas hospital expecting hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars worth of free services. The hospital staff packs him up and ships him out the door with a $10-20 bottle of antibiotics. Which was nothing but food for the deadly virus swimming around in his walking-dead body. Was it as hospital staff stated, that the negro just didn’t communicate to them that he had the deadly disease, Ebola? Or, was it a matter that they just couldn’t afford yet another free loading non-white foreigner? Either scenario would be logical. Negroes in general, and Liberian’s specifically, are well known to not communicate well. And border state hospitals are known to attempt to pack up – ship out and disassociate themselves from non-white free loaders. As it could ultimately equate to bankruptcy for them. As we’ve seen with numerous hospital closures from hospitals too close to the border.

The Liberian negro returned a second time to the Dallas hospital – this time, he did get his millions of dollars worth of free care. I guess shipping him back home would have just been too inhumane. Evidently at least less inhumane than not only forcing the American taxpayer to pay for him, but, also, paying for their very own chance at contracting his disease as well. And years ago, that’s what the hospital would have done. Treated him best they could, while also making arrangements for any future treatments to be made in and by his home country. But today’s hospitals are not free-thinkers, and no longer are they allowed to do what’s best for their country, their community, their people, because the world’s trash are their people now. As they’ve been regulated by the USA federal government into how to ‘think.’ And I’ve never seen the US government ‘think’ right – especially the ones we’ve had in my lifetime.

The million dollar man, they’d cut your babies throats just for him to be
on your land. Matter of fact, I think that’s exactly what they had done.

In the 1800’s the White politicians shipped blacks OUT of the US and back to Africa (Liberia). Today’s black and jew rulers of America are allowing them to return. Along with any and all other non-whites the world over. Are there are real questions that America and what was once a White nation are being screwed? Is there any doubts now, this is being perpetuated not by accident but by shear disregard and concern for the Whites who once dominated America? And sure, many of those who will fall will be non-white. But, once the dust settles, the outcome will be that the entire American empire as we knew it, will be gone. And that includes the White part of America – which is the part they concern themselves with.

Obama appoints this jew to head America’s health and disease control. The top job of protecting America from disease is a jew! A natural enemy of the state! A jew! The agency he heads; ‘CDC’ – Centers for Disease Control. But the title doesn’t end there, as there’s also the ‘prevention’ part – “Centers for Disease Control AND Prevention!” And the bastard failed miserable! He failed just as soon as Obama loaded thousands of disease ridden South Americans onto America’s buses and planes and dropped them off in every US State in America! And he sure as hell failed in Prevention when he allowed Liberians – dropping like flies in Liberia from Ebola – to enter into the United States! And I’m supposed to believe it all an accident!?

But yet it gets worse. At least in Dallas, TX. Where the top dog of the Heath Department is a low intellect affirmative action hire! And his name is Zachary Taylor! Like how in the hell did he get a name like that!? The real Zachary Taylor was a Mexican killing, fight em off our land and push em all the way back down to Mexico City war hero! He was such a brave and fierce nationalist fighter that he was later voted in as president! This was at a time when America was White, when it had REAL heroes, people who really cared for and loved their land and her people! Not as today, when our ‘best’ are greedy con-ass politicians, affirmative action blacks and enemies of the State back-stabbing jews! How the F you get a name like that boy! You’re no Zachary Taylor! You wouldn’t even make a pimple on his ass cheek. What an insult!

Don’t worries bout nuffin whitey, ole Zachary Taylor gotz yo backs.

Weez gots it unna control folks….

Yessah, ain’t no black gone go wiff out dey fans

(In some reports they claim his name is Zachary Taylor – in others it’s Zachary Thompson – so who knows?)


I woke up this morning planning on spending a part of the morning doing more work on my archives. And not really posting to this blog. But then I saw all this, what an insult! I’m offended – and became even more offended as I read the BS these jews, blacks and even the White ‘leaders’ were saying! They’re all showboating now – and the jew and black rulers of America caused it all – while the weak and feeble White politicians have been reduced to and forced into only making BS statements and lame speeches – BS statements and speeches of how they’re on top of it, this won’t go any further, us politicians, our jews and affirmative action blacks — we’re on top of it – doncho worry goys, we‘ve got it under control NO YOU DON’T! IF YOU BUMBLING BASTARDS WERE ON TOP OF IT – THE SH*T WOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED!


Liberian Thomas Eric Duncan – OneTwoThree

Two CDC reports – Ebola has been contained (F you jew!)

But hey man, maybe even after saying all of the above – maybe the jews and negroes can lead us out of it huh? Maybe they’ll enlist enough White medical professionals and scientists to contain the thing hey? At least for a time, maybe even for a few years – a decade perhaps? And that Liberian negro, the disease ridden freak they allowed in the country? If he would have stayed in Liberia he’d been dead within a week – two at most. But here in America, maybe they can save face by doping him so much that he survives many weeks, perhaps even many months? Just enough time for America’s short memory to forget all about it. But we know it will come to a head some day – they’ve just allowed too many non-white s into the country to avoid it.


Mr. Taylor, excuse me sir, all those Mexicans you had fought, and chased back across the border – and those negroes in America that were repatriated back to Africa, to Liberia sir, – you will never believe this but, the jews and liberals have allowed them to return. But this time sir, we can’t fight nor ship them off our lands – it would be ‘racist’ if we tried. Sir!



  1. Anton Chigurh

    Skypes must be laughing up their sleeves. They got an African google to make that long flight and enter America. Then we had to put its diseased carcass into ICU and endanger hospital staff. And our skypey CDC director defended this because a quarantine would make goyim safer, which is what they hate.

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  2. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog

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