Just how many White people did this vile beast rape and/or murder?

Police don’t know how many young White women, men, and female negroes dreaded up sadistic killer raped and/or murdered

The male negro Jesse Matthew is being investigated in the rape and/or murder of at least six young White people and three negroes. He has been charged in only one of those cases. He was also a suspect in at least two rapes, but both times the negro claimed it was ’coonsensual’ so the perspective DA’s allowed him to walk. He was a ‘baller’ and we all should know how most any DA just hates to prosecute any beloved ballers for rape. Especially where a White girl or woman is concerned. A negro baller is placed high upon a pedestal and is made an object of worship, whereas a White girl or woman is nothing but a lowly tramp and slut. Whether that be true or not. So most DA’s attempt to distance themselves from these cases. And sometimes it’s hard to deny or disprove that the White girl or woman is or was a slut – the way they throw themselves at negro baller’s nut sacks. How would you like to be the prosecutor prosecuting a negro baller on White woman rape when someone hands you a picture like below? If that negro pulled out his pr*ck right then and there, those White n*gger-loving b*tches would be fighting over it. In any case, the negro walked on its two rape cases. And I just want to know how many of its murder cases it will walk on.

Mr. Prosecutor – that negro raped me and I‘m just a sweet
and innocent girl who never associates with black beasts…

White women, please don’t cheapen yourself up like this. It may seem ‘cool and trendy’ to fawn all over negroes, especially the ones they turn from ghetto dwellers into ’hero ballers.’ But the reality is, no one really respects you for this. No one sees you as ‘cool and trendy.’ Whites will see you as being phony and defective race-traitorous lowlifes. While negroes will see you as cheap sluts who will screw anything, even a negro. Plus, your mama’s and daddy’s worked their asses off to get you into college or university. I mean no telling how many sacrifices they may have made, just for you. While the negro ghetto dweller didn’t suffer anything. And simply signed up for its free scholarship and/or government grant. Something’s just not right nor fair about that. And here you all are, fawning over the ugly dark-skinned things like they’re objects to be worshiped, creatures worthy of your admiration’s. Stop living in a world of cheap and flimsy fantasy. Your race, your people, that’s who you should admire as well as respect.


Screw phony negro-worship… back to reality….

The rape/murder of Hannah Graham is the only case thus far,
that the vile looking dark and ugly thing has been charged in.

Links – One, Two

Drones to be used to search for Hannah’s body
The White woman who helped capture him
Hannah Graham’s mother: ‘Please help end this nightmare’

Hannah Graham – quite a treat for some lucky jungle dwelling negro
lucky enough to be born into a formerly first class & White nation.

Morgan Harrington;

Yet another ‘treat’ for an aggrieved ‘African-American’ – battling the lingering affects of slavery from 150 years ago, 400 years of ‘White oppression’ and of course all the ‘White racism’ of today. The vile negro is the number one suspect in her rape and murder. And it sounds like they may be getting close to filing charges.

Samantha Ann Clarke;

Another White girl raped and murdered. Police are looking at the baller negro in this case as well. He was in the area at the time of the crime. Police don’t know if he’s involved or not.

Shellie Carson;

The rape and murder of Shellie Carson. Again, he was in the area at the time of the crime. Matter of fact, this is one of the areas where he walked on a rape charge. Was he involved in Shellie Carson’s rape and murder? Police don’t know, but they are looking at him as a suspect.

David Metzler and Heidi Childs;

Police are also probing into any possible connections between negro sub-animal Matthew and the couple below. The two were accosted at a campground area, shot and killed. The police stated they’ve ‘obtained DNA’ – but wouldn’t divulge any further. Such as if Heidi had been raped or if the DNA sample came from other means. Again, Matthew was in the vicinity when these murders took place. It should also be noted, both were inside a vehicle when accosted. Metzler’s body was found yet inside the vehicle while Childs’ body was found outside. Which would suggest the killer surprised them, shot the male and then ordered the female out of the vehicle to rape.

Transgender freak DaShad Laquinn Smith (T)
Cassandra Morton(B-L) – Alexis Murphy (B-R)

Police are also looking into any connections with the three below.

Jesse Matthew;

Negroes: A cross between one of the first primitive primates and one of the first human beings. Negroes: The result of a satanic attempt to destroy divine creation by causing the mingling of blood between godly creation and that of a brut beast. Negroes: Not 100% animal, yet not 100% human either. Beasts such as depicted below were most certainly the cause of Biblical Job’s torment and misery. They looted, burned, plundered, robbed, raped and murdered. Job called them “beasts of the field” – we call them negroes – Soulless, remorseless, conniving beasts. Beasts completely devoid of compassion, guilt or shame, the creatures can’t even blush in embarrassment. Negroes: No good from the bone marrow on out. If truth can be hate, then hate me for telling the truth. Negroes . . .

The savage negro beast, brought here in chains and STILL in chains!


Do I believe that the savage animal ‘Jesse Matthews’ committed every crime on this page?

No, But the question remains…

David Metzler, Heidi Childs, Hannah Graham, Jesse Matthew, Morgan Harrington, Samantha Ann Clarke, Shellie Carson, Alexis Murphy, Cassandra Morton, DaShad Laquinn Smith, ETA, Expose Them All



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    • Anton Chigurh

      so they let you outta solitary long enough to post this crap? go back to your cell and enjoy the down low sodomy your “brothas” provide you. whites will get tired of your crap and let you starve and kill your way into manageable numbers.


  2. Apple@yahoo.com

    ETA45: Please post a picture of yourself, head to toe, frontal view, unclothed fully, nothing masked or covered. We need to see. I think I know what is your problem…


  3. You guys re all just a bunch of hate mongering idiots. Contrary to popular belief, not all black men wake in the morning trying to figure out a way to rape kill slutty white whores who will give up the pussy to anyone blackm or white!!!


    • I don’t know which report you read to lead you to these conclusions. But the case within this page is a story of a dark, furry, ugly and almost human-like creature that woke up many days trying to figure out which innocent White college student to rape, murder and/or take advantage of. And add to the at least seven White ones it is being investigated for raping and/or murdering, police are also looking into possibilities that the dark ugly-skinned thing raped and/or murdered at least 4 non-whites (3 niccas and a Mexican female).

      And this was NOT and is NOT a story of anybody giving away anything – this was and is a report about a nasty, vile and lowlife creature taking what was not his – which is mainly life itself.

      PS. When I posted the image of the White girls laying all over that ugly niccas car, it was not to demonstrate that they were spreading for the creature, it was to show how cheap they appeared when they do crap like that. And how other Whites and nicca animals see them/her. It was not to ‘prove’ that they were spreading for the ugly nicca. And it’s obvious no White girl would spread for it, F man, he was too ugly and ape-like, he had to rape and murder them to get what he wanted!

      And he liked you feminine black bucks too, remember, he’s suspected of raping-murdering that black transgender freak shown above. You ole slutty black freaks, just lubs ta gibs dat booty up – huh! ?

      You F’n black rag-tag, should of been left in your daddy’s bag, fag!


  4. Jiggaboo

    The media and rest of politically correct USA has been in the extreme Negro coddling mode since the 1960s after JFK. And the coddling has just gotten started and will not end until humans wake up to see the “Negro” for what they really are, the savage beast. Granted there are good negros who do well in Sports, Music, Entertainment and politics, but as soon as they become rich they are threat to human girls of all races as they would like miscegenate with whites and make more half-breed mulatto. Negro problem is vicious cycle as all negroes want to be mulattos by fucking up the white race. White race yet to see the big problem that has to come because of desegregation.

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s the key about negroes living amongst Whites and the reason why there are no ‘good’ negroes – miscegenation – the way they can destroy the White gene. And how can something ‘good’ come from that? It can’t. That’s why I cringe when I hear some White proclaim; ‘and there are good blacks too.’

      And even if there are some blacks that could be considered as ‘good,’ the ‘bad’ that comes from that race far outweigh any good.


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