How to open Zip folders using free 7-Zip program ( (2)

How to open Zip folders using free 7-Zip program (

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If the video becomes inoperable, here’s the direct link – look for “How to open Zip folders using free 7-Zip program ( (ETA).”


This video above is for the people who’ve asked, (or complained about), either how to open Zip folders, or how they were not able to open them. It’s simple and the program used to open them is free.

If there are any other questions as to ‘how to’ on anything I’ve uploaded, please ask here and I will answer.

Another complaint over the years was that my uploads are huge – and they were hard to browse or it was difficult to find what one was looking for.

Once you’re on a page, press both the ‘ctrl’ key and the ‘f’’ key at the same time, a small window will open. In that window, type whatever you want to search for. And all those items (if any) will be high-lighted. On Foxfire this ‘find it’ window will be at the bottom of the page. On Internet Explorer and Opera, it will be near the top.

People have also asked about the ‘JP2’ folders – unless you’re a computer engineer, ignore them. Matter of fact, on the last several pages (in that I’ve worked on, I went through and deleted all the JP2 folders. But what they are, are basically JPEG images of an entire page. And to most people they are useless. And to me, they are time consuming and a pain to delete. They are automatically generated when one does a derive task. And because of them, I’m going to stop deriving pages on from hereafter.

Another complaint I’ve received many times was about the pages below.

Books, Essays, Articles, Reports – Various PDF Files (1)
Books, Essays, Articles, Reports – Various PDF Files (2)
Books, Essays, Articles, Reports – Various PDF Files (3)

Although there had been over 13K in downloads, most people couldn’t figure out how to download anything. It was confusing to them and I understood why. In order for one to download an item… as nothing could be downloaded from the main page… one had to go to another page – in that – they’d have to click the HTTPS link (near bottom-left) of the page. And even when they got there, it was a mess. As all the files had lost their spacing, brackets, parenthesis etc etc. And they had become one jumbo’d up mess after they were uploaded. I mean, I didn’t upload them like that – that’s just how they became after they were uploaded. And on top of this, the torrent file was crossed out and unusable.

So what I eventually did to overcome this was, I started a new page and uploaded them again. But this time I also put everything within a Zip folder. That way, people could download the Zip folder or folders. And after they had ‘unzipped’ them, all the files will be as I originally uploaded them. And they wouldn’t be jumbo’d up and just one long series of letters and numbers. Now, if any individual file is downloaded then yeah, they will be just one long series of letters and numbers. But this was the best that I could do.

Plus, I sorted out and separated book PDF’s from non-book PDF’s. And made a page for each. That way, if one is looking for a book or books only, they can do that.

The new pages are below;

Books, Pamphlets, Academic, Scholarly, Historical, PDF’s – Various Text (1)

Essays, Articles, Studies, Reports, Documents, PDF’s – Various Text (1)


PS. Any input would be appreciated – have a tip or want to comment on a particular item or whatever? Drop it in the comments section and I will add it here.

Thanks – ETA.


When I first started out, I had about 3,000 files that were in complete disarray. And I knew… man did I know — that crap would take many hours to correct. And I had only a limited number of hours (per day) to work on this ‘project.’ And of course I couldn’t work on them every day but just as time permitted. Yet over the last several months, in my free time, hour by hour, this is what I had done. And the reason I did that was, I wanted any and all information gatherers and truth seekers to find what they were looking for and as easily as possible. And one item that is personal with me is Adolf Hitler. Not many understands the real and honest truths. All they know are the lies. And I think knowing the truths about Hitler, Germany and the German people, is one giant step in understanding how we all have been completely lied to. And of course by gaining knowledge concerning Hitler’s Germany, one would, or at least should, begin to understand the reasons why certain people lie about Hitler and his Germany. As a lie is a form of concealment, people should wonder, what is it that the powers that be want to conceal? Why the dishonesty and, why such a lack of honesty? At least where Hitler was concerned. Plus, why is it that one can condemn, criticize and totally ostracize him as the worst person who ever lived. And that’s completely ‘kosher.’ But if one would add in just one tiny smidgeon or tidbit consisting of one little scrap or bit of a ‘good thing’ to those millions of ‘bad things’ Hitler might have done in his life – ohhh boy, all of a sudden, that person would be considered as cRaZy. But more than just plain crazy, it would be said of them, ‘they are a Hitler type of cRaZy.’ And I don’t think one’s mind could be any more defective than that. Thus they only want you to think of Hitler as insane, delusional and non-human. Why? because that’s how they, the Communists, sees him! But the thing is, they see you in the same way as they see him, as non-human. An animal, just something to possess and control. And something to slaughter if it, you, ever get out of control. That’s the reason for the contempt and hatred as well as the lies about and towards him. They don‘t want you to know the truth about him!

But the truth of the matter is, Hitler was a warm, brilliant, caring and loving person. Was he perfect? of course not. But he loved his people, and that, I must confess, was indeed perfect. Plus, that’s more than I can say about any US or UK leader.

Hitler was poor much of his life. His father died when he was just 13 years old. His mother passed when he was 18. And he was left to fend for himself at that tender age. And it was then that his journey of learning and knowledge began. Leaving his small village for the big city. Where he witnessed things that bothered and hurt him. And couldn’t figure out why things were as they were. He immediately realized there must be change. But here he was, nothing but a pauper kid in a heartless city. Just trying to survive. And the only way he could survive in a cold, harsh Jewish-run and corrupt city, was by utilizing his artistic talents – by selling his painting. That’s all he had, his survival instincts and his paintings. Then, WW1 came, and this is where he became a man. After WW1, when the conquering nations divvied Germany up to the Jewish-dominated Weimar Republic, things became even worse than they were before. Through their thirst for Palestine and in an attempt to gain the money necessary to secure Palestine, they stole everything Germany had. They brought the German nation into ruins, unto her knees and into abject poverty. And even though Hitler was suffering and destitute as well, he went about searching for answers. Trying to figure it all out. And with the assistance of others, they thought they had come up with solutions. And this is when the great orator and future leader began making speeches, trying to reach his people. All through threats of death and violence by the Communists.

And that’s as far as I’m going to go with this. But now you know a little about how it started. And of course you know how it ended. But still, most don’t understand the middle. And you are lied to about that. The great things Hitler and his government had accomplished. And why they did what they did. And why the Jewish Communists were envious of him. Why they hated him as they did. That’s the part they don’t want you to realize and understand. That’s the part that made Hitler such an ‘evil and awful’ person. And why they want you to think of him as a wicked and ruthless ‘dictator’ rather than the great and caring leader that he was. The man who brought Germany out of Jewish imposed poverty. The man who raised the citizenry from off their knees and begging for crumbs off Jewish tables and into meaningful jobs at offices, factories, doing construction and the like. The man who retook Germany’s daughters from the clutches of the Jew. The Jew who treated her as unclean meat (dirty or unclean shiksa’s & sex objects to the Jew). Who worked her for meager wage while raping her when the urge arose. She was forced to tolerate this just so she could add a piece of bread unto the family table at week’s end. And on and on it went. But it stopped with Hitler. And these are some of the parts they don’t want you to learn. Because to learn or relearn, it would cause you to think and then rethink. And rethinking would cause you to equate what had happened in Hitler’s Germany is now what’s happening in your nation. And while things might not seem as bad, they are actually worse. And no, they aren’t actually forcing your daughter into sex bondage, at least in most cases. They’ve only turned her into a cheap slut.

Yeah, that’s the part the powers that be don’t want you to know or understand. They don’t want you to raise your heads and be a proud people. They want you as guilt-ridden unthinking zombies. Just unthinking tramps walking down a street that goes nowhere in a town of illusions and in a state of delusion. They like that your countenance has fallen and your heads are bowed low in shame and that your eyes stare in defeat. And they don’t want you to have real rights and be as a cohesive peoples who truly loves one another and each has concern for one and all have concern for the individual. They want you to live in the ‘multicultural’ hellhole of a world they’ve created for you. A world of hate, animosity, distrust and chaos. And not because it’s a good world for you, but because it’s a good world for them. A world in which THEY can thrive and survive! Like I mentioned above, the same as with Hitler, you’re a non-human to them. Nothing but a mere animal to possess, control and slaughter at will. And that’s precisely what they are doing. Slaughtering you, us, through their multicultural and diversity schemes. Making for damn sure that life is unbearable enough that most Whites will not want to bring a child into it. All while they uplift and promote the so-called ‘minorities’ they bring into the country or which are already here. While at the same time denigrating and demoralizing you, the people of the White race. Adolf Hitler was against that, and they were against Hitler because of that. Once again, we somewhat understand the beginning, we somewhat understand the end, now, let’s begin our understanding of the middle.

I suggest browsing through the following page;

Adolf Hitler, Eva Braun Hitler etc

And then browse through this page;

Books, Pamphlets, Academic, Scholarly, Historical, PDF’s – Various Text (1)

(Remember, you don’t have to look at each and every item on the page, use your “ctrl’ and ‘f’ keys to do a more detailed search.)

One PDF book I suggest reading is the one below (found in the ‘Books’ link above). It’s not the best written book, it’s not even the best translated book (from German to English). And hey, the first fourth of the book may be a tad boring (for some) but still, in my opinion, it was and is a ‘good read.’ And people need to read more, really they do. So turn off the TV and delve into a book. Yes, drop this or other PDF’s onto your tablet and read something sometimes. At least as time permits.

Germany’s Hitler (An honest look at Hitler, free from postwar jew hate and lies) (Heinz A. Heinz)


And PS for you ‘Christians’ – this isn’t the ‘devil’s work.’ I’m not a ‘devil’ worshipper. I’m a truth seeker. So stop thinking that nonsense about; “oy vey, if I read that, it may go against a Jew. And since God is a joo, it will go against God.” No folks, this isn’t about ‘hate’ – you all have already learned the hate. You hate your own people. You love those unlike you. You worship Jews. I see you all traveling to Africa to ‘help’ blacks, I see you all marching for blacks, fighting so they will have even more rights. Above and beyond your own. I see you all protesting in front of colleges and universities, wanting more government money for black admissions. Even at the detriment of your very own children. I see you all worshipping Jews and what you perceive to be a Jewish God. I see it, I know it, and even as you are blinded and will most likely disagree — you hate your own people! You’re indoctrinated within the ’system’ – the system of hate and discrimination and… against your own kind! I want you to become ’un-indoctrinated’ – to love your own people! And while most of you will never become ’un-indoctrinated’ – your only chance at it, is to gain knowledge and understanding. Some of these PDF books may assist you. No, not hate folks, LOVE! Love for your OWN people! Can YOU understand!?

By learning the truth about Hitler, his government, and the love and hope he gave his people, that should help in understanding. I mean the utter love, regard and sacrifices he made and had shown to his people were and are amazing. And many people don’t understand this but, Hitler was a true ‘Christian.’ Just that, rather than worshipping Jews, like the Christian-Zionists of today do, he worshipped what he perceived as the true God. This was at a time prior to so-called ‘Jews’ stealing Palestine, renaming it ‘Israel’ and then claiming they are the Israelites of the Bible. And thus they are the most holy of the holy. And that God was a Jew, Christ was a Jew and that Jews are so holy that one must fall at their feet and kiss them. Nah, Hitler wasn’t that kind of “Christian’ for certain. But he was a ‘Christian.’ And he did support Christianity for his people. He never opposed churches or hindered religious worship as it is sometimes stated that he did.

Also, one doesn’t have to be a ‘Hitler worshipper’ or celebrate his BD, or even have a swastika tattoo inked on their forehead or anything of the sort. I don’t have one inked in mine. And I don’t worship him. Matter of fact, I don’t worship anybody. And if I did worship somebody, it would be my own mother and father. Yet, many truths and understandings can be gained by understanding him, his government, their policies, and the love which was espoused to the German citizen as a result. And as alluded to above, all this is and was in direct contrast to what the evil Communist and Israel Firsters had in store for the people back then. But more importantly, what they have planned for the people of today. I will end this by repeating; Can YOU understand!?

‘The Holocaust’ (capital ‘H’) (1)

ETA – Expose Them All



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