Holocaust: Camp Survivors Who Told the Truth

Holocaust: Camp Survivors Who Told the Truth

In what the Zionists/Marxists now call ‘death camps’ – there were orchestras, musical instrument training, movie theaters and daycares. The inhabitants of the ‘death camps’ were also encouraged to organize plays, band concerts and form sports teams. They were supplied with postcards and stamps to write home. They were even allowed money to spend at the camp cantina’s. All this and more, as they were supposedly awaiting a fate and date inside a German controlled crematorium.

Even after understanding the above, anyone who dare question the alleged ‘holocaust’ would be considered a ‘holocaust denier.’ Yet what most are doing are “questioning” rather than denying anything. And with the tale becoming ever more unreasonable, unbelievable and fantastic, while the evidence to the contrary of a ‘holocaust’ stacks up, is there any wonder why anyone with a functioning brain may have more than a few questions?

And while one may question some events surrounding WW2, no one is denying that some jews were harmed, mistreated and even killed. But, any harm done was not confined solely to jews. There were sixty-million other people (of all nationalities) who perished during the events of WW2. Yet there’s only one group who uses those deaths as a tool against other races and nations. There’s only one group who continues to demand our children be taught of how evil they are, how evil their grandfathers and great-grandfathers were, because of what they supposedly had done against jews. There’s only one group who continues to build ‘holocaust museums’ and ‘remembrances’ all over the world. Even in countries such as America, Canada, Britain and on and on. Even though the alleged atrocities were supposedly against jews, by Germans, and on Polish soil. There’s only one group who continually sues for ‘holocaust reparation checks’ – given first to ‘holocaust survivors’ and now to ‘holocaust survivor decedents.’ And that group are the main accusers of a deed that may never have been done.

This is not even to mention the hundreds of people languishing in jails and prisons in countries that have passed ‘holocaust denial’ laws. How the ‘holocaust’ benefited Zionists in securing Palestine. Of how it’s used (along with other alleged atrocities committed by Whites) to open the floodgates of western nations to the non-white hoards. As this is ostensibly one ‘punishment’ for Whites so as to make ‘amends for past wrongs.’ And of course worldwide sympathies for the Zionists to get their way on many fronts. Plus, this so-called ‘holocaust’ has brainwashed millions of people along the way. Innocent jews included. Generations of jews who are taught that the world hates them and wants to kill them. And thus they must be weary of all non-jews as all non-jews are their enemies for life. This has led many of them to Zionism, to where they collectively scream, claw and toss vile accusations against their perceived enemies all while hiding under the veil of victimhood. The ‘holocaust,’ it’s not a tool of togetherness, love, hope and inspiration, it’s a tool of division, guilt, hate, shame and animosity. It’s a weapon to control, divide and conquer! And those being conquered are innocent victims of a lie!

PS. What the above mentioned video didn’t explain was that the ‘death camps’ also contained barber shops, beauty shops, Olympic sized swimming pools, calisthenics equipment, wedding chapels, medical/dental facilities, sick bays, kitchens, slaughter houses for food processing, horticulture projects, laundry areas and on and on and on.

Were or should the German camps be considered as modern day 5 star hotels such as seen in New York, Paris or London? Of course not but the point is, they were NOT torturing and murdering jews by the millions as is claimed by the Zionists and their stooges and dupes either. And by military camp standards, they were in many ways better than the ones under US, French and British control. And that’s if a captured German ever saw the inside of a western camp. As more often than not, the order was… “to take no prisoners.” In other words, any captured German prisoners were executed on the spot.

One last note, out of all the years I’ve been studying the German concentration camps, I’ve been made aware of one incident in which a jew was purposely killed. Not that this incident was the only one, but, it was an infamous case which went all the way up to Hitler. And he wasn’t pleased by the news. In that case, a concentration camp commander had killed a jew with his bare hands. The jew had been taunting and teasing him. When one day he had had enough. And grabbed the jew in anger and killed him. He was immediately relieved of command and may have faced charges. But it was towards the end of the war and he never did face punishment. Yet as far as a German program or plot to exterminate all jews, a ‘holocaust’ – it never happened. And by-the-way, out of ALL the nationalities and races of people who were interned within the camps controlled by Germany, why is it that we never hear anything about them? We only hear about jews. Why are they so special? And what about the camps controlled by other nations, the so-called ‘allied nations’ – some of them really were ‘death camps.’ As their only purpose was to force people behind a fence and starve them or allow them to freeze to death. Either mode of death a nightmare to even think about. Again, what about those camps, those people? They weren’t jews so you don’t care about them? Innocent men, women, children and even the sick, handicapped and elderly. Why is it that one group is so much more important than another? I’ll tell you why, because most people don’t know anything about any of it. And what they do know, or think they know, about ‘The Holocaust’ (capital “H”) is a lie. Just some Marxist BS they’ve been indoctrinated with on TV or in school etc. The truth of the matter is, millions up millions upon millions of people lost their lives, many only because they were born during that time and were in the area at that space in time. Screw the lie. SCREW THE LIE!

ETA – Expose Them All


Below, a GIF of images from inside the German “Death Camps”

Camp Survivors Who Told the Truth” (video)  (right-click – ‘save as’)

(If below video is a no show click here and look for the title above)
(You don’t have to wait for it to load, just click it and it will play)


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