The failed black race – ingrates of the worst kind – The NAACP — “Journey for Justice”

CBS news (KMOX) is the only news channel in St. Louis that allows comments on some of its reports. But since the Mike the Clown Brown case, they have opened up the comments less often. And many times, when they have opened them up, they would close them within minutes because of the hundreds of comments people had made or were in the process of making. Of course those comments told the truth about the failed black race and/or about the lies and bias surrounding the strong-arm robbing thug ‘Big Mike.’  And of course most of their reporting was anti-white – you know, stuff like; “bad white cop slaughters sweet and unarmed black teen.” But in any case, I posted the above at their site. —— Also See:  St. Louis TV News Channels

Also, notice in the ‘report’ above how it’s the ‘NAACP‘ who is organizing this so-called “Journey for Justice” – as if those crooked bastards have any legitimacy, when they don’t. And the only ‘legitimacy’ they have, comes from the jewish dominated media. If the jewish dominated media ever ignored them, their legitimacy as well as existence would dry up and blow away.  Why? because, with the exception of the media, no one gives a damn about what they do or say. And I think most White people feel as I do. That a real “Journey for Justice” would be if they marched those big black government fed asses to Liberia or Israel or some place. Someplace, anyplace, other than where we’re at.

Cunning, conniving leeches of the wost kind. The entire lot of them. They reach out and slap you as it is THEM who cries out in pain. They then turn and scream at how they’ve been wronged and are aggrieved, yet without once ever showing one small token of appreciation. And without ever once saying… ‘Thank You.’ Thanks once White America for allowing us to takeover your cities. Thanks for allowing us to destroy them without much interference. And thanks jew-media for uplifting us, while demoralizing our enemies, the Whites.

The failed black race – ingrates of the worst kind…

Expose Them – Expose Them All!


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