I’m tired of jewmedia deleting my comments.

I’m tired of jewmedia deleting my comments. The bastards operate message boards to ‘up’ their dying readership and then delete comment(s) they don’t like. This, in a supposedly ‘free speech’ country. So, just for my records, on some posts or comments I make (on jew- news sites), I’m going to mirror it here.

(And PS, despite the negativity I espouse within some of these posts or comments, I do believe Whites could fight and win. But it would be one hell of a battle. First we’d have to defeat all the white and jew communist anarchists. Then the nicca’s. Then the Mexicans and the millions of other non-whites. And of course the main battle, the battle against the full force of the United States ZOG war machine. And I’d bet if it ever came down to that, they’d suspend all the wars they have ongoing, recall every last troop they have in bases all over the world – all, to fight against us. Of course there are other ways to win. Such as in Russia. Where, after years of struggle against communism and then bankruptcy, a Putin arose. And he realized (much as Hitler did) that in order for his country, his people, to survive. He’d have to destroy the jewmedia and jew money system that was in place in Russia. Which he did. That way they couldn’t, at least internally, propagandize against him or his policies. Nor could they throw a monkey wrench in his plans via control of the money. And of course he retook control of all the monopolies the jews had stolen, such as control of Russian oil. But unfortunately for us (in America), there are huge differences. Namely, when the jews destroyed the USSR, they screwed up big time. As they hadn’t made those nations multicultural hellholes. Which of course, allowed them to rise up and reclaim their greatness. In America, as well as most European country’s, the jew covered his bases. And made for damn sure, even if there ever was a White uprising, when the dust settled, it would have settled into mud. As in the ‘mud’ races. So in reality, I just can’t see America ever coming back. And even if, not even one more non-white ever entered into this country, it’s already too late. The damages have been done. But in my heart I just can’t say that. I, we, must always live in hope. As to live in despair is to die. Thus even in my negativity and disgust, in the very back of my mind, I must think… there is yet hope. I don‘t want my people to die.)

Note; these are my comments only, I’m not going to post the entire conversation, if any. I’m just posting my comments. I’m tired of those f’rs deleting them.

The Marxists have already broken all that down. They’ve even destroyed White heroes such as Washington, Columbus, Christ, Jefferson and on and on. Replaced them with communist Chavez, King, Rosa Parks, Malcolm X and on and on. They’ve renamed dozens upon dozens of schools to replace American patriots with their communists heroes. As they say, communism isn’t dead, it just goes by a different name. And that name is ‘Cultural Marxism’ AKA ‘Political Correctness.’ They trick the people by using such clichés as ‘tolerance, acceptance and love.’ That’s why you see whites marching with black communists in Ferguson. That’s why you saw whites marching with the communists during the so called ‘civil rights’ movement – the most anti-white piece of legislation ever created in America. They were and are tricked into believing it’s all about ‘love, tolerance and acceptance.’ But by the time they realize the trickery, if they ever do, they will suffer the same fate as any other white. And that is the fate of the Romanov’s and the tens of millions of others who were murdered by the communists. And no, they’re not going to allow you to mount a defense and fight against them. They are in control now. Whites will never be strong or dominate in this country ever again. That’s why Obama just did what he did by his executive order regarding immigration. That’s why there’s been massive non-white immigration into this country since 1965 – when they changed and reorganized immigration laws to where any and all non-whites can enter. They want to weaken whites and that’s exactly what they’ve done. They’ve weakened whites to where their words are nothing but ‘racist.’ Their deeds no matter how kind or noble, nothing but ‘racism.’ And once again, they’re not about to let up. You see what they’re doing in Ferguson, right? They’re in the midst of destroying it. Just as they’ve destroyed thousands of cities and towns across America. And, just as they will the whole of America. Whites have been turned into unthinking zombies, brainwashed minions – they are told they have all the power when in reality they have none. They have been pulverized, marginalized and damn near euthanized. It’s just a matter of time.

(Not posted with the above;)

And of course it’s jews who are leading these low intelligence blacks and whites by their nose rings. These no intellect fools who actually believe they are being oppressed or in the case of whites, that their kin are oppressing or shooting black thugs due to ‘racism.’ The reason black thugs and charging bulls such as Mike Brown are capped cold is that they were too stupid to live. Literally, their low IQ’s killed them. And for one to even attempt to be on the side of their cause, one would have to climb down the gutter of ignorance and stupidity. And that’s exactly what anyone, especially the whites who have and are ‘protesting’ on behalf of Brown had done. You‘re an idiot of the first class kind, and that‘s why, when you‘re dense and dumb low IQ‘d asses get slapped around, carjacked or verbally abused by the blacks you so love, we laugh. We laugh at the magnitude of your stupidity as well as your lack of shame. Marxism has destroyed your brains. And you know what? Just like Mike Brown, you‘re too stupid to live. I hope the black savages rips you apart with their bare paws. You deserve it. Let the dumb die and the fittest live. To hell with these race traitors. You‘re an infliction and insult to us all!


Delete, Delete, DELETE! Screw the jew media!

We can’t fight because we can’t overcome the full force of the United States military. And that’s what we’d have to do if we ever did try to fight back. And they wouldn’t handle Whites as they did the blacks in Ferguson. If those would have been Whites looting and burning down buildings they would have cracked open every head that they didn’t already place a bullet in. Plus, they won’t allow Whites to form groups, and if one dare tries, they’d be shut down by screams of ‘raaacism.’ Whites are no longer a cohesive group, as can be seen by the stupid white ‘protestors’ – we are in disarray. And it would take a cohesive and homogenous group to even begin battle. That’s why we’re being raped, murdered and vilified as we are – no White groups or leaders to bring it to the forefront. No way to defend ourselves because it would be ‘raaacist’ if we tried. And of course, no media backing as the media would be calling any actions we‘d take as ‘hate crimes.’ Whites have no civil rights in America – our Marxist government gave all the rights to blacks, homosexuals, jews and non-white foreigners. And again, it’s too late to even fight for any. Not only would it be ‘racist’ – it would be squashed just as soon as it gained momentum.


Oh vey! Joo cunt post that on our jew boards!

To all the people claiming that black police need to patrol black hoods – do any of these people remember Kinloch, MO? It was/is an all black city (bordering Ferguson). And at one time it was patrolled by an all black police department. But it was forced to shut down after a black sergeant shot/killed a drug dealer right in front of the police station. The sergeant was mad, after numerous warnings to the drug dealer, to NOT sell his goods in front of the police station! As that was the dope dealing area for the police! Of course the black dope dealer knew that and also knew it was the ‘hot spot’ in Kinloch for selling dope. And that’s why he was in front of the police station selling dope – he was intercepting the customers BEFORE they could buy from the police department! Once the black sergeant realized what the black dope dealer was doing, he ran out to him and shot him dead. They tried to cover it up but the St. Louis County Police investigated and got to the truth of the matter. Afterwards they closed the Kinloch police department and St. Louis County started patrolling the area.

This isn’t a matter of blacks patrolling black areas. It’s a matter of how blacks behave. And if Michael Brown had done against a black cop as he had done against Darren Wilson, the results would have been the same. To make claims that “everything would be alright only if black police patrol black areas” is just making excuses for blacks. Again, it’s NOT the White cops – it’s the blacks themselves who are at fault!

And that was stupid as hell of “Big Mike” attacking that cop as he did. What kind of idiot attacks a cop? What kind of idiot gives a cop only one option? The option of shooting them? Whatever kind of person that is, they sure wouldn’t give a damn if the cop was black, Chinese, Mexican or whatever. A fool is a fool. Stop giving the benefit of the doubt to blacks or Brown. Wilson done nothing wrong, Brown did.


Violation, violation, VIO — Lay – TION!!! Joo violated our TOS!

My statement really isn’t slanted. The topic as well as the conversation and article concerned black crime. And that’s what I was referencing. But you’re correct, most people do see ‘blacks’ as ’protecting black criminals.’ That’s because most people see blacks collectively rather than individually. Unfortunately that’s due to many factors, crime being a major one. And it would be difficult for most people to feel otherwise. And it’s not just white people. Many blacks feel the same way. Such as an elderly black female, cowering inside her home at night, scared to turn the TV on because some black thug may see the glow through the window and break in to steal it. And possibly even harm her in the process. She doesn’t look out the window thinking; ‘not all blacks would do that.’ She must live within reality and believe as many of us do, that ALL blacks would do that!

And I also agree, many black criminals are caught because of black cooperation with the police.

It would really help if the media were honest. But when they show thousands of blacks rioting, looting, burning and ‘protesting’ against a black thug who attacked a cop and was shot – and then insinuate it was because of a ’racist white system’ – that only makes the problems worse. I don’t know if you ever heard of David Manning but that’s what he always says, “let’s just be honest.” And while there’s enough fault to go around, unfortunately, there’s just not enough honesty to be had. And most of the stuff we see and hear, as far as the media is concerned, are just a biased pack of lies. All designed to instill black animosity and hatred towards and against the White Race. And of course to instill a guilt complex within impressionable whites. And I must ask, hate for what? Guilt for what? For being white?

And yeah, of course, I blame some of this on the media. They exaggerate ’white racism’ and black victimization, yet at the same time, ignore black ’racism’ and white victimization.

Why didn’t they run with the story of white officer Kevin Quick? Kidnapped and murdered by three blacks. What about white 12-yo Keith Passmore? Murdered by a black male for racist fun. Or five year-old Laylah Petersen, murdered by two blacks like it was nothing. And the media censored it all. Patricia A. Cook, an unarmed white female shot numerous times by a cop while sitting in her car. Robert Leone, a white man damn near beaten to death by the Pennsylvania State Police. No media frenzy over either one of those victims. Because they were ‘too white.’ Dillion Taylor, an unarmed white kid shot by police. Again, where’s the media ‘outrage.’ There isn’t any. These are what some of us whites have began to consider as; ‘hush crimes.’ Just shoved under the rug by the establishment media. By the anti-white media. By a dishonest media.

And of course there’s black victims too. Victims killed by blacks but yet didn’t fit the media narrative of ‘white racism/black oppression.’ Take 9-yo black Felecia Williams – raped and murdered by three blacks. The media? What media? Two year old black Kamiya Gross, slaughtered by black gang-banging thugs. Again, media? Where art thou? Where’s the integrity, honesty and concern? There is none, these barbaric crimes just didn’t fit the media narrative.

What about Big Al, Jesse, lawyer Crump and all the other poverty pimps and MLK wannabes? Where are they at? No money to be made or what?

The media agitates blacks. And then some blacks go on racist tirades and starts calling all whites ‘racist’ while committing acts of terrorism and violence. Then some whites respond. Some whites get tired of taking the abuses as well as the blame. Myself included. And no, some of us don’t act or respond rationally either. But the thing is, I’ve never oppressed anybody. I’ve never abused anybody. I’ve never owned a slave. I wasn’t the black who broke up family’s while selling their own people in Africa into bondage and to the greedy slave traders. And I certainly wasn’t the one hauling them all over the world and reselling them either. No white alive today was. And of course there are no living black ex-slaves today either. And during the slavery period, in America, there were white slaves as well. Just as there were black slave owners. Furthermore, throughout history, every race had enslaved every other race. Contrary to the media narrative, slavery wasn’t a black/white issue. Plus, I don’t know of even one white today who agreed with slavery. Slavery was a dirty, nasty and vile thing. We all know that. Matter of fact, it was whites who outlawed slavery. At least in white nations. And why they did, was because it was indeed the most inhuman thing one group could do against another. So why does the media insinuate that all whites are ‘slave masters, white supremacists, KKK, NAZIS’ and on and on. All while we see the real and true racists all over our TV screens. The blacks. And no, not all blacks. But enough to where many whites could consider it as all. Time for honesty – and if we all were honest with one another, maybe things would be different. Not all whites would see all blacks as criminally insane. And not all whites (and blacks) would see each and every black as a potential adversary and threat.

You’re black, I’m white. You commented to me with respect and I hope I responded back in kind.


No Crackers Allowed!
You dipsh*ts!


Jewmedia; at least we don’t call them ‘Spanish’ anymore (like we use too).

I don’t know about “Hispanic” as that word in the proper definition means a ‘White European from Spain’ – but there was indeed one dark Aztec warrior in the mix. And more accurately, it was a “mestizo” – a person of mixed race. But the media prefers “Hispanic” or “Latino.” And Latino means a White person from Latin America.

You can use whatever phrase you want, but, I’d try to stay away from media BS. Because he who determines the terminology also dictates the ideology. And that’s why the media does what they do – they want to control you through BS and lies.

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