Cleanse Your Lungs With Honey-Water

You have probably heard about honey’s health benefits, but have you ever heard about healing properties of honey-water?

How to prepare honey-water

Put one teaspoon of honey in a glass of fresh lukewarm water and mix. You will get a 30% honey mixture which has identical composition as blood plasma. Honey creates a cluster compound in the water which increases this mixture’s health benefits. Honey-water is easily absorbed by our organism.

Honey-water’s healing powers

It normalizes digestion process, which means it puts an end to the “lazy intestines” problem.

It strengthens the immune system, treats clods, is great against bronchitis and it cleanses mucus in the lungs.

Cleanses the digestive tract of parasites and prevents their breeding. It also cleanses the intestines of toxin deposits.

In the beginning you will notice increasing of your waist line but do not worry. This happens because fecal sediments swell, become softer, therefore their process of exiting the body starts.

The process of cleansing cells in our organism starts. The antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties increase.

Colon’s work is normalized. Honey-water will help in the process of rejuvenating colon’s micro flora and eliminating bacteria.

This mixture can help in preventing the unpleasant and uncontrolled night urination. Honey collects water, which means the kidneys are not over worked.

How to consume honey-water

For preventive purposes, drink the honey-water in the morning on an empty stomach. Make sure you drink it fast. The stomach valve opens immediately and the water quickly enters in the intestines. From this point on, water is entering our blood stream. Honey-water should be consumed in the morning and in the evening. You will not have any problems if you drink this beverage in the evening because it soothes kidney’s work.

Make sure you always drink freshly prepared honey-water.

You can use this mixture to clean your face because it will make your skin softer, shinier and silky. Honey-water is great natural cosmetics and it is the oldest, yet most modern at the same time.

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This article negates to mention it is ‘raw honey’ which possesses these benefits and not the kind commonly found on grocery shelves. As the type found on grocery shelves had been pasteurized and adulterated. Yet honey must be in a pure, unfiltered, unpasteurized and raw state for maximum benefit. If it is heated, filtered or changed in any way whatsoever, it will reduce any health benefit or benefits to almost nil. As heating or pasteurizing, kills most, (if not all), enzymes, vitamins, minerals and nutrients of the honey in its natural state. So don’t go out and stock up on the $1.99 specials at the grocery store. You will not only be wasting your time but also your $1.99. And you will also fill your mind with false hope. Also, do not put any raw or unpasteurized food inside a microwave oven. As it will be the same as pasteurizing it and maybe even worse. Because I don’t think anyone really knows what heating food with nukes really does. But it can’t be good. So don’t spend good money on raw foods and then nuke it in a microwave huh?

Honey bought in a grocery store sells for about .27+ cents an ounce. Raw honey sells for about 54+ cents an ounce. Certified or organic will cost a tad more.

I personally buy raw organic. Plus, the best way I’ve found to use the honey is with cinnamon. But and again, not the type found on grocery shelves. That stuff, (Cassia), if used daily, can actually cause your body harm. The type cinnamon you want to use in Ceylon. And if one mixes one teaspoon of Ceylon cinnamon with one teaspoon of raw honey – at least twice a day – the benefits are great. And over time, the results will even be greater. Google it to learn more… (raw honey+Ceylon cinnamon).

Plus, add in a handful of 6-8 different kinds of raw (uncooked, unheated, unsalted) nuts per day, and in the long run, its better than two handfuls of pills.

Remember, whether it be honey, cinnamon, nuts or whatever, if possible, don’t allow it to be processed in ANY way. Also, as far as Ceylon cinnamon, always buy the sticks and grind them into power yourself. If you buy it already powered, it will not be 100% – as they will grind in and mix in Cassia cinnamon to reduce costs and increase profits. Get yourself a small grinder and grind the stuff yourself!

As mentioned above, Cassia cinnamon can actually harm you when used as a daily health program. It contains extremely high levels of coumarin – which is known to cause organ damage. Especially to the liver, but also other organs as well, such as the kidneys. With the exception of the occasional cinnamon toast, cinnamon atop the oatmeal (etc), avoid Cassia cinnamon.

And as always, any health benefit of any type gained by a nutrient based health program, are greatly increased by any type of exercise. At minimum 15 minutes per day. More if you can handle it. Do several regiments of 15 minutes each day if you are able – and of whatever type you can personally do. Even if one is handicapped, do what you can. Make your heart, muscles and body move. But just don’t become like some people who over do it. And who wear their bodies and joints out by pounding them on concrete mile after mile. Or stretch their muscles out by attempting to becoming like the Hulk. Too much, and one will suffer damages at some point in their lives. Joint pains, dislocated joints, out of alignment joints, muscle pains etc etc. The best thing for most people to do is join a gym or recreation center. To where one can workout with 10-20 reps on several different lift-type exercise machines – machines which work different parts of the body. Then use some of the exercise bikes, treadmills, stair steppers etc. It would be a great bonus if the gym or rec room had a track and/or swimming pool. Luckily we have a rec center in our area. And it has all of these things. Personally, we walk/jog a mile or so on the track, followed by several minutes of rest. Then the machines, followed by an hour or so of swimming. Nothing better than working your muscles and then having them relax in a swimming pool. That’s how many of the rich folks do it. And that’s how many of them live as long as they do. They get all that money and then they don’t want to die. So they buy expensive in-home gyms and swimming pools mixed with nutritional high-dollar raw foods. But most of us can’t do that. We have to join gyms and rec centers at $300-500 a year. And while we can’t afford to buy most raw foods, I mean, most of us still buy our green beans in a can – still, we can afford to buy a few health inducing items – things like raw vegetables such as carrots, raw fruits, raw organic honey, Ceylon cinnamon and maybe even a daily handful of several kinds of raw nuts. Yet even if we can’t, one doesn’t have to join a gym or rec center – exercising and at minimum watching what goes inside our body’s is always free.

As a side note, I’ve heard people explain to me how they started a weigh-loss regiment. And within the first several days that they had cut down on their food intake, they lost 5, 6, 7 pounds within the first few days! But afterwards, fought just to shed ONE pound. And they get discouraged. But what’s happening is this, your body stores nutrients and energy beyond what it needs for survival. But not only nutrients and energy, also water. And water has weight. So when one first starts a food reducing diet or program, within a day or so, your body releases that water inside your system. And of course over a day or so, you shed that water as waste. And at 8 pounds per gallon – that is what you lost because you reduced your food intake and your body tried to make up for it by releasing what it had stored – including the nutrient packed water it had stored away. Thus after losing the initial 5, 6, 7 pounds (of really water) within a few days – any more weigh loss will only come with time. And to lose weight from fat takes time. And a weigh loss program solely based upon reducing food/calorie intake is a very slow process. And people get discouraged and they quit. Exercise must accompany most food reduction programs. And of course that’s if the person is capable of exercise. Some people aren’t. And even some of those who are, must fight tooth and nail to reduce their weight before they can even begin to contemplate an exercise regiment.

In the same regard, exercise without food reduction is an uphill battle as well (in most cases). As even an hour or so walking moderately on a treadmill is worth at most, 220 calories. A 16 ounce jug of soda is worth about as much. Thus if one were to make a quick stop at a convenience store for a jug of the sugar water while on their way to the gym – they’d have to exercise about an hour just to break even. Now, if they stopped at a fast-food joint and slugged down that 16 ounce bottle of the pimple juice along with a nice double cheese burger and medium order of processed potatoes laid in grease – then Myrtle, you’re going to need a new girdle. But seriously, if one were to morsel down of grub like that, they would have to exercise for 8-9 hours just to break even – just to burn the calories from that ONE meal! Now, do you see why your losing the battle of the bulge!? And that’s why one who wants to tell the truth, and who doesn’t have any pills or potions to sell, will explain; “in order for one to become healthy, and/or to lose weight – diet AND exercise are key.”

And remember folks, don’t overdo it. The key is to get on some type health program and stick with it, and in moderation of course. Mind over matter, training yourself in new habits – that’s all it is. But, it’s tough as nails. Do the best you can. And whatever you do, never give up. Because once one gives up, they lost. And once one gives up, that’s a terrible blow to the mind. And one must have a healthy and ‘happy’ mind above all.

And this is for most of us. As some people are in training and need more food/caloric intake. They may need to eat 2-3 pounds of meat at a sitting as protein for muscle development. Or down a couple pounds of fruits and vegetables to promote body energy. But remember, these people ARE exercising 5 or more hours each day. And under proper supervision, these already healthy people, are monitored and are taking in only what their bodies need or can use for that day.

Oh yeah, as far as the article linked above? About the disinfecting nature of honey? They are correct – like is said; “there’s nothing as clean or sanitized as a bee’s belly.” And here I avoided the stuff for years – I’ve always thought of it as ‘bee mucus.’ But years ago, when I studied into the health benefits of raw honey – I tried to forget about that. And I damn near did. But even today, as I make my potion of organic tea, organic raw honey and organic Ceylon cinnamon, nary a day goes by that that doesn’t enter my mind. The mind, one just can’t tell it not to think.

I’m not a health expert nor a health nut. Just health conscious. We’ve only got one body, let’s take care of it heh? Now, anybody got a smoke?




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