Just for the hell of it – a couple more posts I made (that never showed up) on anti-white sites…

The first site, ‘World Socialist’ – I almost liked this site. At least at first. That was until I realized it was a pro-black – pro-jew site. Then I didn’t like it any more. And not necessarily because it was pro-black and jew but, because it was anti-white. Well more accurately, because in order for it to be pro-black, pro-jew and anti-white, it had to be a site filled with deception. Like the story linked here (image below). Pro-black, pro-jew, anti-white and filled with deception. How could anyone even remotely ‘like’ this site? F man, you like lies and deception?

I told the truth – why hate the truth?

Right click – ‘view image’ to enlarge


And then there’s this piece here. Ole lying and vile jews at SPLC’s ‘Hate Watch’ hating on ‘bad, baaad’ goys. And then having the gull to claim; “it’s Whites who are the haters!” Like they say; “ a jew will slap you as HE reels in pain.’ And boy isn’t that the truth?

And notice the author’s name – ‘James L. Smith Jr.’ Now I don’t know anything about the conniving fool. But I do know that after WW2, when the US government allowed hundreds of thousands of satanic jews into the US to suck off Social Security, Holocaust (capital “H”) reparation checks and other forms of free handouts, many of them renamed themselves either ‘Smith or Jones.’ And in some areas, those names filled the phonebooks. And quite a few people noticed. Thus it was said, “Smith and Jones’ were the most common surnames in America. At least during that period. So one must wonder, this ‘James L. Smith’ – is he a lowlife jew?

The most hateful and intolerant site I’ve ever been to…

Right click – ‘view image’ to enlarge


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