The jew-media makes me sick!

Look at this BS – the bastard’s are even reporting on the latest developments of the Mike Brown memorial! I mean really – who g-i-v-e-s a damn! This is meaningless propaganda! People are looking at this trash like it’s a soap opera or something. Oh gosh, the Big Mike memorial was damaged in the middle of the night – but oh good, somebody’s out there repairing it already. At three o’clock in the morning! I just got up! And here these bastards are, on standby — all night no less! Repairing the thug’s memorial! And I’d bet it was those bad, baaaaaad racists who destroyed it! Oh gosh, what will tomorrow bring? Will they strike again! Tune in baby, cause the jew-media will keep you informed! Yeah, they’re on top of it alright and yes, yes, YES! they will keep it going for you!

And they are even covering every word the mammy has to spew! And yes sir bob, she even makes ‘official statements!’





  1. Ann Barnhardt was right: boycott the media. CNN, MSNBC, CBS, FOX etc don’t care about white people. And take your children out of public school. There’s enough propaganda in the media. Don’t subject your children to marxist brainwashing. White children thrive in all-white schools.

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    • I agree with everything you wrote. And those schools, gosh, not only are they indoctrination centers for White children, but, because of negro indecency and savagery, they are also torture chambers. I mean damn, what did they do to deserve such a fate!


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