Jewmedia – only deleted two of my comments – not bad really….

Elderly White man racially attacked and beaten by black savage supremacists in hate crime violence in the Bronx!

I’m not a first class citizen in America, at least not like blacks, jews, other ‘minorities’ or even illegal aliens. You know what I‘m saying? at least not like those who have ‘special rights’ AKA ‘civil rights.‘ No sir. I’m just a third class citizen. Just a lowly White man is all. At least in the eyes of the anti-white American ’system.’ And in this example, just a third class citizen trying to participate in Big Jew News Media – ya know, making one or two posts or comments here and again in their comments section? They’re hurting for readership so much, and hits to their sites are so low, that, some of them have comments sections to lure readers in. Because they know having a comments section will draw in many more readers verses if they didn’t have one. Plus, the comments themselves, will in turn draw in many more readers, people who most likely never make comments themselves. And in some privately owned sites, hits are what the writer gets paid from. But, in Big Jew Media, while most reporters are salaried, they still receive a bonus for the number of hits to their articles – that’s if those hits to that particular article goes past a certain number. Even so, as soon as you make a comment they don’t like, they remove it. It’s like, you want me to read the damn rag or not!? You want hits or not? And if I can’t comment I am NOT interested! Because really, I’m not interested in your BS, I’m just interested in making comments! So it puts them in a quandary.

Actually, they are doing pretty good. At least a lot better than they did even one or two years ago. Because the Big Jew News sites, at least the ones that allow comments, they don’t delete as many as they did then. They used to delete every comment I made. Now, they only delete one here and again. In the instance below, they only got two. Not bad really. And rather than some jew, more than likely, it was the negro reporter who deleted them. As the writers are usually the ones who moderate their own article’s comments. Not that an editor or supervisor doesn’t have the program, resources or power, just that, most times, it will be the writer of the article who‘s in charge.

In the case below, two were deleted. Assumable by the negro writer.

Link to the article page – link to the reporter’s page.

Right click – ‘view image’ to enlarge



  1. Dutchie Roedel

    Happens to me all the time. Not only do my comments get deleted but, I get blocked as well. The Leftist media doesn’t tolerate opinions different from theirs.

    Liked by 1 person

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