Buck kills 4 in Dekalb County, GA. – just struts up and shoots them…

Black serial killer Aeman Presley, who had already slaughtered three for no reason, culminates rampage with callous slaughter of innocent and very beautiful White woman before police shut him down. Indicted by grand jury today.

The first three executions were of three homeless blacks, two who were capped as they slept on the street (Dorian Jenkins & Tommy Mims). With the third (Calvin Gholston), accosted as he worked a local shopping mall. But this site doesn’t delve too deeply into black on black crime. The blacks themselves don’t seem too concerned about it, why should I? And as they have chanted for months now; “black lives matter” – but only when those lives are snubbed out by a White cop. And most likely, a White cop who was defending him or herself.

To me, it‘s… “White lives that matter.” Especially when it’s a black who had caused their demise.

This time the White victim of black barbarism was Karen Pearce. An innocent victim whose only misfortune was that she was born into a nation overwhelmed with black crime. And especially manifest, lies in the fact that she was born into an area where black crime is not only predictable but, can and should be anticipated. And as this case proves, with Karen Pearce being simply shot down as she walked to her car after a dinner engagement, it can and does occur at any second and, without a moments warning or notice

The incident took place in Decatur, GA, a city within Dekalb County. A suburb of Atlanta. And what always strikes me as I learn of a black against White crime in that area is, prior to the 1950’s – it was mostly farmland. Then, after that period, after so-called ‘civil rights,’ ‘desegregation’ and later school ‘integration’ laws and schemes, this was one of the areas Whites were forced to flee. And they fled for their safety! To avoid black crime! But of course over the years, the blacks, who were ‘following the White money’ – followed the Whites out to yes… Dekalb County! And naturally, they continued on where they left off in Atlanta – victimizing Whites. And sure, it’s a little different this time, because the black savage also killed three of his own. Even so, I think anyone would have a hard time justifying it in that way to Karen Pearce’s family.

Today, the City of Decatur is yet majority White, (while Dekalb County is majority black). But even as the chart (within the link) shows, Decatur has a 20% black population. And at that percentage, even as low as it may seem, yet makes that city a very dangerous place to be. I mean one wouldn’t want to reside in a city comprising of 20% pedophile would they? So yes, 20% is a large percentage. And personally, I wouldn’t want to live in an area with even three, four or five percent black. For one thing, with a percentage like that, the percentages will only increase with time. Plus, even with a low percentage of blacks, it’s enough to ruin schools, corrupt White children, lower property values and yes, cause crime rates to rise. It’s like magic, black magic.

Karen Pearce – RIP – what else can one say?

Karen Pearce


The sub-animal beast indicted

America; A nation which can’t even defend its womenfolk

Killed Four

Videos – Images

Atlanta, most dangerous

White teachers fleeing black Decatur schools


Aeman Presley


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