Afroman jack-slaps white tramp live onstage… and doesn’t miss a beat

I guess it just wasn’t good enough watching as the negro shook and shizzled. Or listening as it crooned the tunes. No, she also wanted to ‘bump and grind’ with the savage as well. But rather than the furry, dark thing handing her his cock, he cold-cocked her instead. The dense and dumb white thing. Ah, maybe don’t go to any more black events? Perhaps even only attend white events from now on? Yeah, I think that would be best.

He was arrested and charged with simple assault, his bond was set at a whopping $330… lol. The negro’s rep stated of the brutality; “it was a completely involuntary reflex.” He went on; “it was also uncharacteristic behavior initiated by uncontrolled forces.” Whoa, just so deep. The local media even got a sweet tidbit when the white police chief informed them;he gave us no problems whatsoever.” Of course not chief, hell man, we watched the video and can tell he’s a good boy. It’s not like anybody would think he’s nothing but the typical, lowdown, lowlife, woman-abusing n-gger! But hell, with bond at $330 dollars, was he at the police station long enough to cause any problems?

This was obviously a racist attack. If the victim were a 20-something year old black female rubbing up against him, he would have instantly turned super stud. And just imagine if it would have been a white man who had jack-slapped a female negro? You think it would have been a ‘hate crime’ then? Plus, hey, maybe even the national networks, like CNN and MSNBC, would have covered the story then?

Hey white women, stop the negro worship huh? It could be dangerous to your health



Another video angle here


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  1. That savage needs to be hung up by his nuts.


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