Affirmative action negress made ‘cop’ murders 43-yo White woman

Affirmative action negress made ‘cop’ murders 43-yo White woman – shoots her point blank in the chest.

White victim this time, 43-yo mother of two Betty Sexton 


Black killer this time, ‘officer’ LaDoniqua Neely

The black bitch received her law enforcement degree at NCSU.
And I’d bet my ass she got it through a free government program.

And once she got it, she was hired as a ‘police officer’ – where she
was affirmative actioned into an elite hostage negotiation team.

Here they have her posed showing her in the drivers seat while spewing into a
police radio. Ten-foe muahfuggas, I’se gets ta kill some wites nah. Foe reel I does.



Family Speaks After Officer Shoots Woman Who Called 911
City of Gastonia
Woman dies in Gastonia Police shooting
Hostage Negotiators

Was this incident in retaliation for the White Gastonia police officer who was forced to
cap-cold a 74-yo negro who aimed his gun at them? That happened about two weeks ago.


This site is against making what amounts to nothing more than apes, ‘cops.’ It’s also against arming them to the teeth and placing them in positions of authority over White people!


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