Another jew-media that allows comments….

Sometimes I like leaving comments on some of the jewish media boards. Usually just dropping down one or two comments before moving on. But on a few occasions, I run into a hard core lib and linger awhile. That was the case last night. This particular news report was about black mob violence at a local movie theater. Some 900 or so thugs invaded the place and roughed up some of the White patrons. Some had their cell phones snatched from them while others were robbed at gunpoint. The blacks were using their numbers to do what they wanted to do and grab what they wanted to grab. I mean one can use their imagination here. Several hundred White-hating, violent prone black terrorists running rampant through a crowded movie theater filled with docile Whites – like what could go wrong here? There were also reports of gun fire at the scene. The local police themselves couldn’t even handle the situation and were forced to call for assistance from the state police and other police departments within the vicinity. Of course the media downplayed the entire thing – reporting it as ‘teens run amok’ or ‘teens’ this or that. But in any case, that in gist, was what the article was about. Then enter this anti-white White lib, he read a few of the comments, most of which were negative towards this black criminality and lawlessness, and immediately started moaning about ‘white raaaacissm’ – but soon found himself arguing with several other commenter’s. And the more it went on, the more defensive he became. Like they say, he came in bitching but went out twitching. And I thought it was funny. Hopefully he learned a lesson and maybe will be with the majority of Whites next time. Maybe.

Deputies: Hundreds of teens storm Ocoee theater


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