Blacks indict White NC governor in mock trial for not expanding State Medicaid program

Blacks indict White NC governor

Funny stuff really. Wonder if the governor or any other lawmaker even cares? Oh gosh, the blacks ‘indicted’ us for not giving even the lowliest of negro beast free Medicaid – whatever shall we do? The ‘trial’ was presided over by black retired affirmative action judge Shirley Fulton. And of course all the other black groups, ’community leaders,’ ‘reverends’ and multifarious self-professed ‘activists’ who had involved themselves. And they used a couple whites as ‘witnesses’ to demonstrate their points. And of course the media would display those particular individuals all over their news medium. As if the blacks really cared if White people had insurance or not. And if they really did care, it seems they should be holding ‘trials’ for the inequities of White people already being forced to pay into the state insurance coffers for blacks. As I’m sure a good measure of money is already confiscated from their paychecks at present. But no, these ingrates want even more of that paycheck.

Corn-rowed ‘complainant’ with the presiding ‘judge’ in the background

Another ‘plaintiff,’ again, with the ‘judge’ in the background

You’ve been indicted pal

And also interesting to note, is how the media is actually covering these scheming and illogical activities by a tribe of conniving and delusional misfits. But of course this is how they’ve achieved legitimacy in the first place – through media coverage. And if they’d ever lose that coverage, they’d also lose any perceived legitimacy they presently enjoy and savor in. I mean a retired affirmative action judge along with a couple white tramps and a slew of assorted wine-sucking malcontents isn’t exactly news. Not unless it was being reported in a segment of ‘news of the strange and weird.’ Yet this is newsworthy to the black-worshipping anti-white media.

These blacks actually think they are entitled to even more White monies to pay for their expansionist plans of the state’s Medicaid program. I’m almost shocked the media hasn’t pondered into that topic. Now that would be newsworthy. Like what mode of thinking or rationale is it that lead them to the conclusion that they are entitled to even more White money? What gives them this idea? The media should just point blank ask them; how in the F did you all come up with this idea? And hey, what about the people who actually work their asses off? The ones who you all want to pay for it? The ones you all seek to siphon even more money from? What about those folks? Perhaps they need THEIR money more than some dope smoking, crack headed, wine-sucking, ape faced black savage does? You all ever think about that? Hell man, what if they wanted to buy a few groceries at the end of the week? Would that bother you delusional bastards? Huh? Would it? Listen, all you ‘reverends’ and ‘community leaders and activists’ – can we talk here? What the F is up with you freaks? Holding mock trials and sh*t – and against the elected officials of the state no less. And we see you dragged in a couple mudsharks as ‘plaintiffs’ and/or ‘complainants’ as show. What’s up with that? Hell man, we’re the media. And we’re some educated mofos here, so yeah, sure, we see past the deceptions. And we know you all don’t care if that corn-rowed white tramp has insurance or not. And really, what you all want is for brotherman Jones, laying up under the park bench, enjoying yet another crack trip, to be able to go to the doctor to be prescribed xanax or alprazolam. And you all want the hard working, taxpayers of the state to pay for it. Now tell the truth and DON’T lie you lowlife FREAKS of nature!

And in this article, the nogs are contemplating suing the state! For NOT providing free insurance! They seem to think their black god and president, with his ‘Obamacare’ plot, mandated that states must pay. But in the article, it reports states are under no obligation to pay… per supreme court ruling. So under what basis would they sue? Because under Obamacare, businesses only have to pay for employees insurance (or pay penalties) if that employee works 30 or more hours per week. So what employers are doing, is making sure they avoid the ‘Obamacare’ fiasco by working their employees less than the 30 hours. But this is Obama’s fault, not the state’s!

This is a sad, sad situation. At least where minimum wage working people are concerned. I couldn’t care less about the unemployed crack head negro, but those whom are attempting to work a minimum wage job, raise a couple kids and just survive, it is truly sad. Especially for White people. Those who aren’t entitled to free higher education as a means of advancement. Those whom are incapable of securing free grants and/or low interest loans to attend college, university or trade school. Those who find themselves languishing and suffering in a low wage job with little chance of ‘hope or change.’ And that’s especially true for those in a 20-28 hour a week $7.25 an hour dead in job. But, it’s not the state’s fault, nor is it the taxpayers responsibility to provide insurance for these people. Place blame it where it lies, with Obama. The inexperienced cretin these black ingrates voted into office – not only once but twice! Sue him, not the governor.


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