The Lie That Is The Negro

The Lie That Is The Negro
Part One

As all of you know, I despise blacks. Not because of their color, or their origin, or even their looks, though most blacks are indeed repulsive as hell to look at. If black is beautiful, I just shit a masterpiece. But the thing I despise about blacks is their intrinsic evil. They are an evil race and evil as individuals. This isn’t my “bigoted” or “racist” or “hate monger” opinion. It’s a statement of fact that can be verified in a thousand different ways as easily as picking up any newspaper. I have become absolutely fed up with the liberal push to breed our idiot females with these apes, and I’m also totally fed up with their propaganda campaign to portray these walking demons as anything approaching human. Niggers are not homo sapiens. Any anthropologist knows this, though in the colleges he’s taught the exact-opposite, even though the biological evidence of this is screaming at him the entire time he is learning about the physical, mental, and genetic differences between Aryans and the other races. To call blacks a “race” is a complete misnomer, a political ploy started by the Jews over 100 years ago. Blacks are a different species of hominid, as different from us as the orangutan. The fact that our modern scientists will immediately scream indignantly at anyone daring to state this bald truth only attests to the level of brainwashing the Jews have succeeded in doing to our best and brightest. But either our students go along with this bullshit or they don’t graduate. Worse; they’re branded forever as racists, and they won’t be able to get a job doing anything more advanced than scrubbing toilets. Society has rigged it to where we are all afraid to say the truth. So who benefits from this huge lie? Well obviously the blacks for one, but the real benefactors are the Jews. They sit back in their closed door offices, smoking their expensive cigars and laugh at us stupid Gentiles for not seeing through their agenda to the truth and stopping it. Do you think for one second that the Jews believe this hogwash? Of course not. And when was the last time you saw a Jewess with a liver-lipped buck kissing her? Try never. Why? Because she’d be ostracized by the entire Jewish community, the same community that screams “RACIST!” at any Gentile that refuses to treat these animals as equals. Because to the Jew we are equals.

To them, all Gentiles are lower than animals, and breeding our women with niggers is their way of degrading us. We are being made fools of by our mortal enemy the Jew, and by these evil niggers, and by our own idiot women, who should be taken out and publicly shot for treason to their race. I can think of no greater evil than to deliberately bring a half-breed child into this world. It’s worse than murder, molestation or rape. Few know that even Richard Nixon thought that all mulatto children should be aborted. That’s because the bitch is creating a kid that isn’t quite human. He’s a monster, a travesty of nature. My heart goes out to these poor kids. They were given no choice. Their slut mother decided to do this to them. One time years ago, a casual friend invited me to party. He wanted to introduce me to a “nice girl”. We talked for a few minutes, and I was struck by her stupidity in some areas. She sprang the fact on me that she had two daughters from a previous marriage. She said that her husband had deserted her when she was pregnant with their second kid, and that he only comes around to weasel money out of her. Alarm bells went off in my head because the pattern screamed nigger. So I asked her point-blank if he was black. She looked at me with genuine surprise and asked, “How did you know?” How indeed. What a stupid cunt.

That ended our conversation and I walked away and completely ignored her the rest of the party. To me she was now a non-person, a skank, a traitor, a slut. If I could have gotten away with it, I think I would have shot her dead on the spot. An interesting footnote to that experience is as follows: After the party this woman was picked up by her sister, who had her two daughters with her. Both of them were completely niggered out. Nigger clothes, nigger hair, and nigger mannerisms. All this stupid bitch was doing was creating two more worthless niggah hos.. Moses on a rubber crutch!

We’re seeing more and more of this crap by the day as propaganda and liberal-infested Hollyweird continue to crank up the propaganda, telling our stupid young girls that to screw a buck is “the” thing to do. I just saw part of a movie starring that utlra-nigger Wesley Snipes. And yes, like every last nigger in Hollyweird, he has a blonde wife. In the flick, a beautiful young (and of course blonde) white girl practically has an orgasm while singing the praises of this monkey-faced simian. You know those lines were deliberately written in by the kike producers, because they know that this very scene will be viewed over and over by millions of dumb-ass Gentile girls, who, like Shakespeare said, “will fall in love with an ass” (A Midsummer Night’s Dream)…

I can’t think of a more repulsive looking nigger than Snipes anyway. The blindness of some women appalls me. Barring their intensely ugly features, how can they fail to see the true ugliness of these creature’s souls?

I hear liberals scream at whites like me all the time, pointing to successful blacks and stating that they’re proof that we’re just unreasoning bigots. I find it very interesting that they’re always pointing to niggers that are more white than black, and have had more than one major hand up the ladder of success by liberals, queers, and government pro-nigger programs. The more pure-blood the buck, the more worthless and evil he is. But interbreeding doesn’t “purify” the black, it pollutes the white gene pool. One fact our forefathers knew from long, hard experience with blacks, is that even a small amount of black blood in a person seems to destroy their inner character. They are prone to all the evil traits the full-bloods have, i.e., lying, stealing, infidelity, laziness, bragging, and violence. It’s like pissing in the milk. It only takes a drop. Our forefathers knew this. In fact in many parts of the old south and other parts of the world where slavery was practiced, there were some areas where anyone found screwing a black was put to death, along with the black, be they male or female. They did this to keep our gene pool clean, and also to protect the populace. Because they discovered that there’s another really nasty side-effect of interbreeding with niggers; It creates smarter niggers. And that’s extremely bad. Why? Because it makes them much more dangerous. Remember, they still possess all the evil attributes of other blacks, but now they’re smarter than your average coon. Still thieving, oversexed, sneaky, lying, and murderous, but now they have the brains to cause a lot more damage. You’ll find that all of the real problem bucks we’ve had in American society had a lot of white blood in them. Your normal pureblood nigger can’t pour piss out of a boot with directions on the heel…

The bottom line here is that blacks have no business living among whites in white society. They all belong back in the African bush..or extinct. Blacks were..and are an evolutionary dead-end. Nature should have..and would have eliminated them through the Natural Selection process eons ago, if it weren’t for one unfortunate mutation in their genes which gives them the ability, and the need to breed like cockroaches. Actually this came about because of the extremely high death rate among blacks in the bush. Blacks were stupid and slow, definitely not the apex predator of the continent. That meant that a great percentage of them ended up as dinner for all the big cats, hyenas, jackals, wild dogs, alligators, crocodiles, pythons, and even other breeds of coon. For centuries anthropologists have been finding buried carnivore lairs full of mountains of gnawed nigger bones, dating as far back as 2,000,000 years. They’ve even found piles of them with holes punched in the skulls by saber-toothed cats. Coons have been lunch for a lot of critters for a very long time (Yeeeckkk!). So to prevent the race from dying out, Nature evolved a fast breeding cycle. But now with whitey’s ready food supply and white medicine, the death rate has fallen to zilch, and the breeding has increased. Hence the mudslide…

And since there is no way on this earth that we will ever convince blacks to stop breeding like rats, we are left with few options. We must either sterilize them by force or eliminate them just to survive as a race. Because if blacks are left to breed unchecked for another twenty years, this world will become completely overrun by starving, hostile niggers with no qualms about killing every white they find in order to steal his food and goods. Remember, niggers have the conscience of a blow fly. There is a race war coming. It will be a war of survival. We will be forced to go to war against the dark hordes just for the right to exist. But this time I hope we have the sense and the guts to see it through and finish the job. Because if we stop short of total elimination of this evil mutation, we will repeat this nightmare over and over again until one fine day it’ll be they who win. And I can guarantee you that they will have no such qualms about eliminating us…

Part Two


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