Lusting black pleads guilty in 2011 rape/murder of White newlywed – Hope Melton

Lusting black pleads guilty in 2011 rape/murder of White newlywed – followed her from store, ran her off road, raped, and then beat her to death with baseball bat. Buck receives life with his homies.

White victim this time;
Hope Melton

Hope Melton

With new husband below;
Hope and Gary Melton

Hope and Gary Melton

Was profiled by lusting negro, then followed, run off road, raped and beaten to death.

Hope Melton stalked by lusting negro

White folks hold a useless, selfish ‘vigil’

These selfish vigils just aren’t working White folks. And if there is a God, it’s more than obvious, he isn’t listening. While I’m not a devout religious person, as I’ve been unable to confirm nor deny an existence, and thus have tried to leave the topic more or less alone. I do remember reading in the Christian Bible of how God has turned his face from the earth. Because if he looked down upon it, in his anger, he would destroy it, and everything within it. At least as far as the Bible is concerned. So I would assume, even the most holiest of the holy can understand that. And once understanding that, understand that these ‘feel good’ vigils are useless. Especially where the satanic, demonic and evil negro beast is concerned. And if we are even to begin an attempt to keep the beast from attacking, raping and/or murdering our people, we must look elsewhere for solutions. And what that exact solution is, I don’t know. Because just as soon as one begins to show signs of being un-PC, AKA; to go against or even question negro crime, that person or persons will be denigrated, isolated and could even be fired from their job. But I would think that at least one step to any solution would be to stay away from any and all religious mumbo jumbo and practices. And that includes these freakish, selfish and useless vigils. I mean standing there while praying and holding manmade Jesus candles just isn’t working folks. And I’ve seen thousands of these things. All held ’after-the-fact’ – and none which have stopped or even slowed down a future black-attack on any White anywhere. And I’m not really anti-religion, or at least not anti-Bible. I mean I detest man-conceived religion, as that crap is killing us. And I mean literally, a negro kills one of us, and what do we do? Show the world just how weak we are, we hold a ‘vigil.‘ All while the same exact thing is being repeated the next street, city or state over. But yeah, man, if you feel the need to ‘talk with your God’ – great, but do so privately. Besides, at least as far as I remember, in the Christian Bible, it states that we are only ‘rewarded’ for things we ask for or do in private. As doing so publicly is merely a show of selfish arrogance.

Yet we need to take a stand, and we must stand together – by the thousands… MILLIONS! But just not like religious freaks or zombies, but as the mature and intelligent men and women that we are. And… publicly. Shouting out at the top of our lungs; ‘we will no longer tolerate this type primitive and uncivilized barbarity against our people!’ And friends I think it’s abundantly clear, no God is going to stand with us. And that’s if there is one to begin with. Let’s try another solution huh?

Hope Melton vigil

Born killer negro this time;
Nickolas Miller

Born Killer Nickolas Miller (1)

Born Killer Nickolas Miller (2)

The black beast; descendant of the primitive primate.

Links:  Facebook, YouTube Tribute, Background info from Nicholas Stix,
News reports;  One, Two, Three, Four, (2011 report)



  1. Eric Starnes


    I have to agree with you.

    Thank God I left the States when I did. The damn feral monkoids have been preying on our white brothers and sisters since the dawn of time and the ‘Tribe’ has been egging them on. Unless and until white people stop with the b.s. of ‘holding vigils’ and pick up some iron and start ‘Dreaming the Iron Dream’ of a all-white nation, we will continue to see cases like this. Basically, whites in the States are going to be victims of the muds until we stand up and become who we used to be.


  2. No remorse, no apology: hope he enjoys the sodomy in the slam. We should just line up 100 just like him in cages and set them on fire– televised on pay per view.


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