One sickly and fugly primitive primate descendant here…

The low intellect thing, on the sex offender list, strutting in at 5’11” – 330 lbs, pushes 83-yo female to the ground, grabs her purse, steals her car, and then runs over the legs of some cat running to assist her. I mean, like, you know, how low can one muahfuggah go? Hell man, the only thing that could make it worse is if the victim(s) were White. And I always think the worst, and am usually right. Because I think she, they, were – White.

I’d bet even a black-loving, liberal-Marxist wouldn’t even invite this freak home to dinner.
Sweet ‘Scottie McNeil Barringer’ (how’d it get a name like that?)

Scottie McNeil Barringer (1)


Scottie McNeil Barringer (2)


Scottie McNeil Barringer (3)


Scottie McNeil Barringer (4)


Links Below:

The employee told WBTV that he heard a woman screaming, ran over and saw the attacker “whaling” on the elderly woman. He said he jumped in and the robber turned on him, punching and biting him before getting into the woman’s car and running over him.

And just think, if some White cop (or any White for that matter) was forced to shoot this thing off of them, Obama and Holder would try to charge them with a ‘hate crime’ or some chit.


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