NATO & the IMF Just Suffered a Disastrous Military Defeat

(Snippet below, article here)

Ukraine has become the all-consuming headache that no amount of aspirin can dent.

Though the coup by the banksters in Kiev may have resulted in a war that has claimed as many as 50,000 lives, and may have stopped Ukraine from signing a trade treaty with Russia, it has most certainly:

Failed to take away Russia’s naval base in the Black Sea.

Failed to plant the bankers’ talons in Crimea.

Failed in its attempts to conscript the numbers of troops Kiev needs in their insane war.

Failed in its false flag shoot-down of MH17, to suck Russia into the conflict.

Failed to usher Ukraine into NATO.

Failed to conquer a tiny territory, despite being fully funded by IMF war-hawks.

Failed to maintain any credibility in the eyes of the world.

Failed to rescue thousands of its own troops which were obliterated at Debaltsevo.

Failed to keep the Ukrainian currency, the Hryvnya, from spiraling into a truly, hyperinflationary collapse.

Failed to even pay much of its heating bills!

The desperate battle plan of the Banking Dragon, to yank away Ukraine from the East is floundering in the mud. DC and the IMF, who have already shuttled roughly $30 billion dollars into the Ukrainian money pit, are discovering that country is a black hole investment.



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