Mexas; Warrior to be put down for offing breeder who refused to pay Mexican Mafia ‘dope tax’

Mexican warrior to be euthanized by the State of Texas for killing Mexican breeder over refusal to pay Mexican Mafia ‘dope tax.’

Let the MF out so he can try to collect more ‘taxes’ – I saw a couple Mexicans in my area. And I don’t think they paid their dope taxes yet.

These stupid, joo-like greedy bastards, errr, I meant, those sweet immigrants we so love and cherish.


Evidence at Vasquez’s 1999 capital murder trial showed he and two other men were carrying out orders to kill 51-year-old Juanita Ybarra for ignoring the Mexican Mafia’s 10 percent street tax on drugs – known as a “dime.” Links — OneTwo

Manuel Vasquez,  Juanita Ybarra



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