Slippery male negro disguises himself as old White man while he robs banks of their shekels

Gibs up dat monee crakkas

Benoit Constant

This bank robbery suspect has been unmasked.

Cops say a young black man who pulled off a December 2014 heist at gunpoint in North Carolina used a latex mask to make him look like an elderly white man.

Benoit Constant, 28, was busted Sunday in Wichita Falls, Tex. — nearly 1,200 miles from where he allegedly carried out the December 29 bank stick-up in Cornelius, N.C.

Cops believe Constant used a fake phoned-in bomb threat at a Cornelius YMCA to divert attention away from the Carolinas Telco Federal Credit Union on 20221 W. Catawba Ave.

Wearing gloves, a zip-up hoodie, sunglasses and the mask, topped with a blue and white baseball cap, Constant barged into the bank pointing a pistol and ordered a teller to fill a plastic bag with cash, Cornelius cops said.

Benoit Constant


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