White 24-yo and her parents go out for ice cream – daughter black-attacked – drug around by her purse like a rag doll – Our Florida Vacation

Primitive Primate Negro

Just another friendly reminder here White folks, we’ve got primitive primate descendants strutting the same streets we must walk and do business in. And yes, the prehistoric, unsophisticated and crude things will indeed rape, rob and kill you. While I hate to be so blunt about it, I must. Most will see it as ‘racism’ but we must get past all that jew-jive nonsense and just tell some simple truths. These ape-like creatures can grow as large as gorillas and are often times extremely dangerous. Luckily…. no, by design, I don’t have much contact with the beast, but when I do, especially if one or more of my kids are present, I keep a mindful eye on them and, an eagle eye on the primate descendant(s). If I would do anything different, I’d be negligent in my duties as a parent. I don’t trust them, I don’t like them and I don’t want to be around them. Now, if you’re really that stupid, you can call that ‘racism’ if you want, but around my shack, we just call it good safety and parenting practices. We’ve got criminally insane, 60 IQ born killers in our midst. And just luckily, my 61 IQ more than realizes that.

The Fishers were only in town on vacation when the incident occurred.

“She learned a lesson because where we’re from you leave doors unlocked and keys in the car,” Thomas Fisher said. They’re from Connecticut.

Detectives said the man they’re looking for has a shaved head with distinctive facial hair and weighs approximately 300 pounds.

Videos and reports here, here and here




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