2nd black arrested in slaughter of White father of 5 pizza delivery driver

James A. Crabtree, Diondre Jefferson, Sean L. Fletcher

When a pizza-delivery driver pulled up to to an East Side home one evening last October, a number of young men next door decided to rob him.

That ended in the fatal shooting of James A. Crabtree, 45, who was making a delivery to 766 N. Cassady Ave. for Grandma’s Pizza & Pasta.

On Wednesday, Columbus police arrested a second man in the case, accusing him of participating in the Oct. 29 shooting death.

Sean L. Fletcher Jr., 18, of 1986 Ferris Rd., was charged with murder and kidnapping in connection with the case, Franklin County Municipal Court records show. He was in the Franklin County jail Wednesday night and is scheduled to appear in Municipal Court on Thursday.

Diondre Jefferson, who is now 17, also is charged in Crabtree’s death. He was arrested on Jan. 15 and charged with delinquency counts of murder, robbery and kidnapping.

According to court records, Fletcher and Jefferson were with others at 770 N. Cassady Ave. when they saw Crabtree pull up to deliver a pizza next door.

Fletcher and Jefferson were among those who left the house and robbed Crabtree, who had no more than $55 on him, authorities say. Witnesses stated that Jefferson was the one who pulled out a pistol and shot Crabtree several times.


He wasn’t even supposed to be working.

Wednesday was a day off for James A. Crabtree Jr., a delivery driver for Grandma’s Pizza & Pasta on the East Side. But last night was Beggars Night, and he wanted to be able to take his 5-year-old daughter trick-or-treating.

So Crabtree switched with another driver and worked Wednesday. He was a few hours away from going home for the night when he made a delivery on N. Cassady Avenue.

There, Crabtree was robbed and shot multiple times. He died on the street in front of 766 N. Cassady Ave.


James A. Crabtree, Diondre Jefferson, Sean L. Fletcher

James A. Crabtree, Diondre Jefferson, Sean L. Fletcher

James A. Crabtree, Diondre Jefferson, Sean L. Fletcher





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