Here We Go Again: Black Students Host KKK Parody Skit (Mainstream Media Silent)

University students these days seem incapable of not doing stupid things. First a bunch of University of Oklahoma frat students chanted a racist song. And then, lo and behold, a group of black football players from Wheaton College donned a bunch of Klu Klux Klan attire “as part of a parody of the Will Smith film ‘Bad Boys II,’” reports the Chicago Tribune:

The skit, which took place Feb. 28 in a campus gym during the football team’s annual offseason team-building activity, involved groups of teammates performing skits. One group of 20 teammates, including some who are black, chose to parody several movies, including “Bad Boys II,” a 2003 Martin Lawrence and Will Smith comedy and drama that pokes fun at the KKK. During the skit at Wheaton, the group wore Klan-style white hoods and robes and carried Confederate flags.

Had white students done something so utterly asinine, they would have been tarred and feathered by the media – just like the University of Oklahoma frat students are being fairly ripped apart by everybody from Sean Hannity to Jon Stewart.

Speaking of which, last night on “The Daily Show,” Stewart argued that the chanting incident in Oklahoma does not represent an isolated incident, but rather a larger problem of racism in America.

Perhaps it does, though it most likely does not. But I wonder whether liberal Democrat Jon Stewart has the honesty to make the same claim about the KKK skit at Wheaton College – or about the shooting of two cops in Ferguson – or about the shooting of two cops in NYC – or about Louis Farrakhan calling Rudy Giuiliani a “privileged cracker devil” – or about interracial couples being attacked by black men – or about a school excluding white students from a black-only event.

Or is rather that bubble-boy Jon Stewart only wants to talk about so-called systematic discrimination when it occurs to black people?

See, the truth is that neither the incident at the University of Oklahoma nor the incident at Wheaton College point to any sort of systematic racism. They simply point to young and dumb students acting, wait for it, young and dumb!


What The Media Won’t Tell You: The REAL Systematic Racism At The University Of Oklahoma

That several University of Oklahoma frat boys sung a racist song should make everybody cringe, for singing about hanging n-words is simply despicable, period!

But that this occurred does not signify the existence of systematic racism against blacks. It simply shows that the school happens to contain some assholes, all of whom for the record are on the verge of being kicked out.

If you want to talk about the REAL systematic racism at the University of Oklahoma, then you need to talk about its extraordinarily racist affirmation action policy, which according to Got News mastermind Charles C. Johnson unfairly discriminated against whites and Asians “in favor of less qualified black, Hispanic and Native American candidates.”

According to a study conducted by the Center for Equal Opportunity back in 2012, for instance, 105 white students had been rejected from the university’s law program, despite the fact that they had “higher LSAT scores and undergraduate GPAs than [the] median black admittee”:

If a non-African American applicant had the same credentials as the median African American admittee, he or she would have had a significantly smaller chance of admission. Specifically, while an African American applicant with these credentials would have a 60% chance of admission, an identically credentialed American Indian applicant would have only a 39% chance of admission, a Hispanic applicant only 24%, a white applicant only 22%, and an Asian American applicant only a 15% chance.

So the University of Oklahoma basically systematically discriminated against ALL non-blacks. Yet the mainstream media remained dead silent about it.

The good news is that that the university “ultimately abolished racial preferences in 2012.” However, “there’s no evidence that the university is actually stopping the discrimination.”

The point of bringing this up was to simply highlight what REAL systematic racism looks like.

Again, that the aforementioned frat boys proudly sung a clearly racist song should make us all feel nauseated. But then again, we should refrain from using it to act as if the University of Oklahoma suffers from an epidemic of systematic racism against blacks.


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  1. Wow, just wow! Whites are the new jews and blacks along with black mooslums are the new Nazis!
    That’s just wonderful! Looks like all my shooting range visits will come in handy. Glad I stockpiled some amount too!😈


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