Kabul woman wears armour to protest sexual harassment

Stupid third-world bastards. They make me sick. Most of these savages would suck a swance quick as a swoonce anyway. And I’d guess that licking, touching and sniffing on women like dogs, is just a cheap thrill to them. And of course a way to show that they are domineering and ‘real men.’ But after the sun goes down, the sniffing done, and the women have fled from the streets, many of them will spend the night boofooing each other in the bow bows. This is just the nature of a primitive and low intellect peoples – those whom haven’t fully evolved. And most likely never will. I mean if they were to ever rise above being mere simplistic beings and dense and dumb creatures, I don’t know what would cause that rise. Plus, the way they breed with first cousins and even sisters, it seems they can only regress. Or, at best, like animals and most negroes, simply remain at a constant – neither progressing nor regressing. One way one can determine if a nation collectively is civilized and humane, is the way that nation treats their women. Not that any nation is perfect in that regard, but some nations are as imperfect as can be. And the actions below, more than illustrates that point.


And brown Mexicans and South Americans are just as bad – if not worse

And of course negroes are worse than them all



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