White students beaten with baseball bat, brass knuckles, and razor blade in NY

Nicholas Abrahamsen was brutally lynched by an armed mob near his Long Island school in Bohemia, NY. He suffered a broken jaw and had to be rushed to hospital. One of the perps videotaped Abrahamsen being bashed in the face with a metal baseball bat.

Other victims were also attacked. One victim was beaten and slashed with a box cutter when he tried to interfere. Some of the perps had brass knuckles. The motive for the attack was the skin color of the victims. The victims are white and the perpetrators are black. Nicholas Abrahamsen had been the victim of verbal racial abuse by the perpetrators for months.

Nicholas Abrahamsen has needed multiple surgeries and currently has metal plates in his jaw. The unnamed victim who was slashed, says the perps sent him a photograph of the box cutter to taunt him the next day.

School officials responded by suspending all the white victims. They claim it was a pre-planned “brawl.” It is unclear if this is true. Parents and victims are denying the claim that it was preplanned. Survellience video shows a groups of white students walking down a road and being followed by a groups of black students.

The perpetrators claim that Abrahamsen called them a racial slur. False claims of racial slurs are routinely alleged after black on white hate crime attacks. School officials and the media are aggressively downplaying the assault. If the races had been reversed, it would be the single biggest news story in the entire nation.

Parents lashed out at the school board Tuesday night. White parents had made previous complaints about their children being harassed. They say the harassment has been going on since September and the school did nothing.


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  1. 0jr

    If that was my mother I be driving every nite in that town and sniping every coon in site and making sure I dont get caught and burning down their houses


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