Obama’s Foreign Policy Same as Pro-Israel Neocons

After eight years of the George W. Bush administration’s neoconservative, interventionist foreign policy that got America entangled in two horrific wars, circumstances were supposed to be different in 2008 with Barack Obama, the Nobel Peace Prize-winning president. But two years into Obama’s second term, violence has spread from northern Africa across the Middle East and into Ukraine. And if that’s not bad enough, Obama recently opened the door to once again deploying United States ground troops in Iraq and has delayed a scheduled exit from Afghanistan.

Using this foundation as a starting point, on February 17, this reporter contacted political commentator and author John Kaminski to discuss Obama and his wars.

Kaminski offered this analysis: “If we elect another president from the two major parties who the mainstream media promotes, it’ll be the end of this country, and probably the world. Barack Obama originated from the same group of criminals that produced the PNAC [Project for a New American Century] document. He hasn’t changed a thing that was started by Bush and Cheney. In fact, Obama has gotten America into more wars than Mitt Romney would have.”

PNAC refers to the pro-war think tank founded by the fervently pro-Israel publisher William Kristol and others.

Delving into specifics, Kaminski noted: “When we examine ISIS, isn’t it curious that they’re not attacking Israel? The reason why is evident: ISIS is an Israeli operation funded by the U.S. Their entire purpose is in keeping with a larger Jewish philosophy to destabilize areas within the Middle East. ISIS has been following a policy of Jewish destruction whereupon they erode existing structures through constant violence.”

In the larger picture of how Obama’s vision of an Arab Spring was supposed to transform the Middle East, his rhetoric didn’t match what actually transpired. (Continues at link above)

Obama - Wailing Wall


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