The Don & Derek Black Show Archives (Template)

Don Black at WPBR studios being interviewed about the Sikh shooting

Last item added on 7/19/13 (PDF file) – ‘Derek Black’s letter to Mark Potok disavowing himself from White Nationalism’ (I’m surprised his buddy ‘Truck Roy’ hasn’t done the same). This was added only because it was ‘news’ and not to denigrate Derek.


Notice – The last Don & Derek Black Show broadcast at WPBR Radio was on 12/28/12. With the last several shows not being placed in archive, having audio issues, or, having porn sounds replace portions of the original broadcast. Within these files, parts of the original show content can still be listened to by fast forwarding past the inaudible (or porn parts) of the MP3. I could have edited out the undesirable from the original content but preferred to leave them as they were.


This Page; The Don & Derek Black Show Archives


This page; there is more than audio, look for videos and images as well. Also, I will add other Don Black related audio within this as well. These will be preceded by an ‘X—‘ (and then the title). Example; ‘X—DD-2012-02-15 – Dr. David Duke interviews Don Black with a discussion of the fundamentals of the Zionist dispossession of the American Majority’


Note(s) to self; last date added 12/28/12.

Item last derived 2/10/13, 7/19/13





Stormfront post in reference to the show
Stormfront Main Page


After the above show ended, a new show began on 1/14/14


ETA – Expose Them All


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