“Time’s Up. Let’s Get Rid Of Donald Trump Now.”

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Hey Robert G. – It’s not a matter of you not supporting Trump, it’s a matter of how you ripped into him like a media Marxist. Totally unfair and unbalanced. And as can be discerned by the comments, this ‘hit’ piece against Trump was a great failure for you and this site. Also, some of your comments about him were not true. I mentioned that in a comment below.

I would think if one would want to degrade Trump on a site like this, they would at least do so constructively, while maybe even making comparisons with other candidates. And by you ignoring and not comparing Trump with the other candidates… that speaks volumes. Because while looking at Trump singularly he’s not perfect. But, when comparing him with the other candidates, he’s about as perfect as one can get.

Also you entitled this ‘article’ … “Time’s Up. Let’s Get Rid Of Donald Trump Now.” And replace him with whom? Again, just so lopsided. And people are tired of the lopsided media – that’s why they come to alternative media such as Downtrend. And why? what’s the adage of this site … “Downtrend, because that’s the direction of our freedoms.” And we’re tired of being ‘downtrended,‘ we’re sick and tired of the ‘Main Stream Media‘ telling us who to support or not support – like as in Buchanan, Duke, Bush Jr. and Obammy – while really supporting nothing but our loss of freedoms or, in the case of Whites, even the demise of us. We don’t want to see the BS from the ‘legacy’ media,  which many of us consider as a propaganda tool and relic from the past. We’re sick and tired of that. We want an honest media, an alternative to this evil and dying relic from the past. And what we read from you Robert G. – was the same ole con-job BS we’ve had to suffer through for generations.

Can you see now? It’s not about whether you support Trump or not. That wasn’t the point nor is it relevant. No one cares who you do or do not support. But, what we, they, do care  about, is your support for a lying, dying, lame stream media. You went way beyond not supporting Trump Robert G. – you fell Robert G. – right down to the level of the Marxist media – right down into the gutter. Not only do we resent that, we’re not going down with you. No sir, we’re just not going back to a dirty, nasty, vile place we’ve just climbed out of.

Lastly, again, no one cares who you support as candidate. We want you to have that freedom. But we do care who you support as a media. And you can’t support both the new and upcoming alternative media and freedom killing, nation destroying, anti-white, anti-Christian, pro-sodomite, pro-war Marxist, leftist legacy media. Either you’re for us or against us. Anything in-between and you’re nothing but a treasonous traitor.

Trump - the people's choice

Why didn’t Gehl search for a bunch of links that denigrate Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton, Magic Negro Two Carson, Carly Fiorina or any of the others? Why did he solely search for links that denigrate Trump? This speaks volumes, he’s anti-Trump, so what? Who cares about his hatred of Trump? I’m just shocked this is on Downtrend – I would have never believed this left-leaning propaganda would have been on here.

Plus Gehl lied – Trump didn’t say he was going to “deport American children” – he said he was going to deport illegal aliens AND look into the 14th amendment. Which clearly states its intention – to protect former black slaves who were under threat of deportation after the Civil War had ended. If any one thinks, in 1868, that US politicians passed a law that read any Mexican born in the US was an American citizen – they need their head examined!

And while I’m not going to go through all his BS, I would like to end this by saying, Trump’s comments about fat-assed Rosie O’Donnell were spot on! Since Trump is going to “deport Americans” – I hope he starts with her AND her ‘wife‘! —– >  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3241527/Rosie-O-Donnell-wife-Tatum-O-Neal-finally-catch-rays-outside-talk-queen-s-5million-Florida-vacation-home.html


Why do I like Trump


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