Truck Roy, the philosopher barber. Is the freak for us or against us?

At least the barber, Philosopher Roy, has a following. I will say that for him. And it looks like Karl Ernst Haushofer is one of them. On the 09-24-15 show, the foolish philosopher states; “jews really don’t want to exterminate Whites.“ No, no, of course not… and the jewish Bolsheviks really didn’t murder millions upon millions of Whites.

On another show the idiot brought on one of his religious buddies to interview. And the essence of the topic was that jews are, deep down, really, really good people. And our enemy is actually us – ‘those who look like us but have no loyalty to us.’

David Duke was so upset that he called in during the first hour (when barber Roy is on) to try and set the barber straight but to no avail. So DD upped the ante and brought this barber freak on his show. Trying to explain to him about how ‘our enemy, us Whites,’ are in fact, victims of the jew. And that the jew is actually the perpetrator of what ails not only White nations in general but the White race specifically. But it all went over Truck Roy’s head. And to my shock, the philosopher actually maintained his position… and argued with DD – ‘it’s not jews, it’s Whites who are the enemy’ he insisted.’

On the old show (on WPBR – link below) the oddball ‘deep thinker’ barber actually used Marxist ideologies – over and over again. In that, “Whites have all the power.” And yeah, he used that phrase over and over again. Yet that little cliché was invented by jews and used by them in South Africa during the takeover. In that “Whites have all the power” (while blacks had none). And it was this ‘power’ that enabled Whites to be ‘racist’ against blacks. While blacks couldn’t be ‘racist’ against Whites because they had no power. This was one of the main meme’s jews used against Whites. And they used it excessively. And with it they portrayed all Whites as evil haters while the blacks innocent victims. And of course it not only infuriated the blacks but also instigated them into action. Which caused much pain, suffering and crimes against Whites. And even as the blacks were torturing, raping and murdering thousands of Whites, they continued their cliché of; Whites have all the power and thus are evil ‘racists.’ So yes, hearing this BS ooze out of that slimy idiot’s mouth was upsetting to me to say the least. BS like this is what has caused untold sufferings and hardships on Whites. And here we’ve got some GD complete and moronic idiot professing the exact same phrase – on a pro-white radio show!

I couldn’t care less who blindly follows this oddball. It’s just very frustrating for me to see, hear and read comments like his follower ‘Karl Ernst Haushofer’ made. Like as if barber Roy is a genius. When what all Roy’s BS is about, is to bypass the jew while blaming our race’s predicament and ultimate demise on the Whites themselves or, on some deep and complicated phenomenon. And, it’s so ‘complicated’ that only one idiot can decipher the cause and then decode it for us. IE; To explain it away…. Philosopher Roy. And outside of jews, their tools and Roy, no one else talks this BS. It’s only them. I mean you won’t hear on any pro-white show anywhere, that jews aren’t the problem… it’s really Whites who are.

When the truths of the matter are a little more simple. Jews control the money and the media. And through this control they own your politicians. And this affords them the means to destroy you in everyway they can. They can destroy you financially, through depressive regulation of law, via non-white immigration, promotion of interracial gene destroying liaisons, the encouragement of ’tolerance and acceptance’ as we’re being raped and murdered at record levels. All while our country is being stolen from us – and on and on and on it goes.

Now let’s talk some real truths whitey, are you the cause and perpetration of your own suffering and demise or, are you the victim? And I don’t need any complicated philosophical, mumbo jumbo BS to explain any of it to me.

And if any SOB can’t say what I said above, they don’t deserve our respect nor admiration. But hey, it’s up to you. Keep on loving and worshipping this Truck Roy philosopher freak. Continue to dumb yourself down. Continue with the ‘feel good’ policy of ‘hey man, I’m not ‘racist,’ I don’t blame jews… or blacks… or Mexicans… I blame my own race.’ “Those who look like me but have no loyalty to me.” Yeah.


The show where Barber Roy explains that jews really don’t want to exterminate Whites

Link to the above (if they post it)


Yo dudes, listen up!

Whites have ALL the power!

Your bud, Truck Roy

Truck Roy



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