Just a message board post – it got so long thought I’d drop it here as well….

No doubt jews control the media and the money. And through that control they’ve bought our government lock, stock and barrel. We don’t have politicians, we’ve got paid whores for Israel/jews. People need to understand that. And when they do, the things that are happening within our perspective country‘s and around the world today, would make much more sense.

And there’s no doubt these White/Christian hating jews seek to totally destroy Whites and Christianity. They seek nothing less than the total and complete annihilation of every White nation in the world. And they will stop at nothing to accomplish that morbid goal. Whites will face war, poverty and death by blacks and the millions of other non-whites that were forced into our nations and against our will. All for the jew to achieve his goal. But not only the adults amongst us but our children as well. And this is surprisingly easily accomplished because White people’s heads are in the sand and in complete denial. And they are in denial in large part because the jew has drummed into their heads that if they fought back or resisted in any way whatsoever, they are ‘haters, racists, anti-semitic and just outright evil.’ And all the other Marxist words, terms and clichés they’ve invented. Which has become a burden not many are willing to bear.

The perfect examples are the EU and the Euro of today – nothing but jews consolidating their power. It was much easier to dictate to one group (EU) as it was to the many states. A few years afterwards (after founding the EU), they went for complete domination, they went for the money. They founded the European Monetary Union (EMU). Operated as the US Federal Reserve, just print the money, backed by nothing, out of thin air and charge interest on the ‘loans.’ Each state not only became a slave to the jews but also debtor nations to them as well. Within 10 years, many of those signers were indebted with no end in sight. Some were even completely bankrupted. Only one nation pulled out of it, Iceland. And the only reason they did was because they ditched the jew monetary scheme. The nations that bankrupted went into austerity and are yet suffering. And many of the people inflicted are now broke, homeless and without prospect of a job or any meaningful or fulfilling future. And because of jew-media domination most haven’t a clue as to whom to blame. Now, within 15 years of the founding of the EU, the jews have ordered their EU slaves to bring in hundreds of thousands if not a million or more ‘refugees’ from Syria, the Middle East in general, and all over Africa. This is by no accident. This is and was a well thought out, preplanned and methodical attack against the White Christian peoples and nations of Europe. A few EU nations are currently balking at the non-white invasion (Poland and Norway to name two) and are facing very harsh punishments in the form of oppressive sanctions by their EU masters as a result of their disobedience. This has yet to be played out. — Lastly, this is the exact same thing which is taking place against bankrupted America. Where the jew is large and in charge. Again, many have become homeless, hungry, sleeping under bridges and most are none the wiser as to the reason why. Yet this is just the beginning of the evil. The worst has yet to come.

Now, for those who can understand the first paragraph, they should understand the second. And I’ve explained some of it in short detail in the third. The last paragraph below, are for those who can’t comprehend any of it. There is evil in this world of biblical proportions, and a large part of that evil is aimed at the White Christian peoples. Now, are Whites the only victims of the jew? No. Are all jews in agreement with the evil plan? No. But, does any of that matter? Death is death to those who suffer it.

And yes, Karl Marx was a jew – just as were the fathers of Communism, Bolshevism and Zionism.

I could go on and on but will stop here. But if one so desires or for those who disagree, they can begin their journey by searching; ‘jews have killed millions of Christians.’ But just remember friend, they’re not done yet.

PDF Files

Jewish Jean-Claude Juncker; EU borders to remain open to non-white invasion (1) 1.7 MB
Jewish Jean-Claude Juncker; EU borders to remain open to non-white invasion (2) 747.2 KB


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