Jewish-run black government in DC throws slew of charges at FIFA officials – had wanted to ban jews from participation

Jewish-run black government in DC throws slew of charges at FIFA officials – had wanted to ban jews from participation

The outcome of this will most likely be as in US sports, baseball specifically, in the 1980-90’s. Where jews went after numerous White players and owners. Most notably Marge Schott and Pete Rose… who went on to learn the lesson for all. The jews claimed Marge Schott was a ‘racist Hitler admirer’ and Pete Rose just plain ‘racist.’ And the two together had plotted to keep vile negro beasts from off their team. Once the jews made these claims they first responded by taking actions against Schott and Rose. And then went in for the kill by taking total control of US baseball specifically and US professional sports in general. In Schott’s case, since they hadn’t passed laws yet to where a disobedient individual could outright lose ownership and be forced to sell their team, what they did instead was to abolish Schott from any management or participation in the team. She ultimately sold her shares of the team and retired. They simply ousted Rose from baseball for life. Within several years they totally dominated and became the commissioners of all four US professional sports leagues. IE; Baseball, Football, Basketball and Hockey. They immediately set about new policies and procedures. In that #1, teams must bring more ‘diversity’ into professional sports and #2, they opened sports training and recruitment programs in South America. This is where the most influx of ‘Hispanic’ players come out of. And #3, they would invest heavily in professional sports, in that they would outright own the teams. #4, they implemented policy to where at their sole discretion they could force one to sell his or her team should the commission so desire. Simply put, if one is deemed ‘racist, hateful, antisemitic’ or anything else the jews do not like, that individual cannot own or participate in professional sports in the United States of America.

In the case of FIFA, while there’s no doubt of illegalities, it’s just a matter of how minor they are or how overblown the jew-ruled black government in DC will make them out to be. And with the long list of charges it looks like the black government is going full bore for their jew masters. In any case, you can bet your ass when jews takeover – any infractions this group may or may not have violated, will become nothing in comparison to the sham the jews will run. And I believe the most serious infraction they are guilty of… were the attempt to ban jews from participation. Because no one gave a sh-t about any of it until then.


Six months later….


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FIFA wanted to ban jews

FIFA sought to ban israel

Jew attack against FIFA

Jews control US sports

Pete Rose and Marge Schott…

They called me a ‘racist’ – yeah, and called me ‘antisemitic.’
Wonder what they’ll do next?


Until Roger S. Goodell replaced jew Paul Tagliabue in 2006, jews headed all four professional sports leagues. NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB. Currently, jews hold only 3 of the 4 positions – NBA, David Stern, NHL, Gary Bettman and MLB ruled by synagogue goer Bud Selig. Now you know why professional sports has turned black and brown. Plus, just in case you cared, you know why I quit sports. Oy the sorrow, when my once beloved St. Louis Redbirds became the St. Louis Blackbirds.

Image of the current commissioners, the only non-jew is Roger Goodell
(Goodell third from left)


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