Black Jackson Councilmofo sez; ‘Let’s throw rocks, bricks and bottles at (White) police’

JACKSON, MS – Jackson Ward 3 Councilman Kenneth Stokes wants to send a message to police from other jurisdictions who chase misdemeanor suspects through Jackson.

He says he wants to send that message with rocks, bricks and bottles.

Today the councilman told reporters that police from surrounding cities put Jackson children in danger when they chase people on neighborhood streets. He says he’d like black leadership to team up and use force.

“What I suggest is we get the black leadership together, and as these jurisdictions come into Jackson we throw rocks and bricks and bottles at them. That will send a message we don’t want you in here,” he says.

Stokes also suggests taking court action against outside police agencies that chase misdemeanor offenders into Jackson (LINK)


All yalls knows whitey beez rassis. An we aint lettin dems be chassin our fine black yoofs round like dey beez animals. Not in Black Jax. And not when dey jus be tryin ta make desyelbs ah foo dollahs in whitey’s hood. An fo sho nuff not way i’se bee da HNIC. I’se ordin muh babies ta trow rocks, bricks and bottles at dems wite popos! An F all yall fo reel!

Yo councilmanz – da main muffuka up is dis muffuka – fightin wite rassisms an sheit

Kenneth Stokes - Expose them All - ETA


What’s going on here is that Jackson (MS) at one time was a nice White city. Years ago vile negro animals took it by force and violence while forcing those White inhabitants into refugee status. Those White refugees have since fled to areas outside of war-torn Jackson. And now that the worthless sub-animal negro had completely destroyed Jackson, and there is nothing left of worth to rob, pillage or steal, except for the occasional US mail and/or UPS-FedEx employee robbery, they have followed the White money. And they are going into those areas in which Whites had fled. They are robbing, raping and killing them there. And after they do their dirty deeds, they flee back into Black Jax (Jackson). And many times as they do, local, county and state police are directly behind their black asses. And yes, the primitive creatures are chased into Jackson as they make their escape from those surrounding White areas. And this is what this primitive, low intellect and racist negro ‘councilman’ is moaning about. He doesn’t want whitey chasing and catching his thugs period. But especially within his district. Because thugs are seen as the most noble among black citizenry. They are nurtured and protected in life and then celebrated and immortalized in death. And for those in denial and think I’m lying, check out the memorial for two-bit thug black Mike Brown – link below. But in any case, this is not a case of black victimization, this is yet another case of contempt and hatred against Whites. Yes, Whites are the victims here and NOT the savages!!

Also, as a side note, many city’s in America will actually assist the surrounding city’s and county’s police departments when their black thugs try to return into the city after a days robbing spree against bad, baaaad whitey. They do this by blocking return routes. There’s  usually only a few so this is relatively easily accomplished. And they block return routes because they want to catch the thugs before the chase goes into the neighborhoods. Neighborhoods filled with baby negro’s playing in the streets while their adolescent brethren are slumped on the corners grasping their pricks and pimping out the White teens they’ve captured during prior night’s foraging through the White areas outside the city. And of course selling their pharmaceuticals. And also to protect the fully grown elder adult negro’s. The ones who receive those fat, juicy and succulent monthly government checks us Whites know about. And those which have pockets full of cold cash and who run all those hot, vibrant and bustling ‘tire’ and ‘barber’ shop fronts – IE; stolen goods buying operations – where the black thugs sell their White victims stolen sht. And naturally, to try and catch the returning thug(s) before he or she gets into the neighborhoods, where they have a better chance of escaping via the massive alley systems or by running into a cuz‘s crib to hide. But this is not the case in Black Jax, Black Jax is a third world city with a third world police department. They are completely incapable of policing their community or even themselves. Much less assisting other police departments. This is what happens when a 1st rate city turns 3rd world…  and black. Everything goes down hill. You know, it turns to sht? And in America, it’s all whitey’s fault. And that’s exactly why this primitive-primate progeny of a ‘councilman’ can stand before a camera while making such disgusting and illegal remarks. Because nothing it does is his fault. Blacks are perpetual victims – never-ending victims… of White ‘racism and oppression.’ Ah huh.

This is the world of Cultural Marxism. A world where everything are in opposites. A world in which already damaged and deluded minds are even more damaged and deluded. But more importantly, where good White minds are completely destroyed. That is why you have this dark uninhibited, guiltless, shameless creature blathering mostly incoherent speech in front of that camera. And that’s why you have Whites marching alongside negro Communists in the so-called ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement – just evidence of the destruction. One is simply too stupid to understand what it’s doing while the other, the White ones, are too demoralized and guilt ridden to be anything more than empty shells of White human beings. They are merely non thinking zombie-like beings being lead by the nose rings by black and jewish Communists and Marxists. They have aligned themselves with those whom hate and seek to destroy them in the very essence and meaning of the word. Yet they are in complete denial and in a high state of total and complete delusion. Plus, most of them have no personal wishes or desires other than to have a dark salami stuffed inside their pooters. And hey, listen, I hate to be so blunt here. But I refuse to candy coat it, it is what it is. I mean you all see all those boys and men wanting to be female right? And the reason they want to be female is because they’d take in a swance quick as a swoonce. And might want the swance quicker than the swoonce. I don’t know. In any case, this is how they’ve been reduced down to nothings, nothings who’ve been indoctrinated by Marxists and Communists into a false and foolish system of beliefs. Or, since the social engineers couldn’t bring the negro up to White levels, and lord knows they tried, they had to go to plan B. Which was to reduce Whites down to the level of the negro. And I’m sure they were shocked when that goal was achieved much easier. Yet this is exactly what you have in these freaks, White negroes. And once turned into negroes, it was a simple matter of having them bend over and take it – metaphorically or literally. But not only take it, like it as well. And like it they do. Evidently.

Welcome to the land of the Marxists and Communists. A very dangerous place to be. And nary an honest man to be found.  Well except for Trump. We don’t know yet. And we’ll never know until it’s too late. And that’s what happened to Black Jax – they said the negro just wanted ‘equal rights’ with Whites. Which was soon changed into; the dark savages were ‘equal with Whites.’ And thus, being equal, they espoused into us a form of sympathy, empathy – of how it just wasn’t right, it just wasn’t fair – that our ‘equals’ were in those bad black schools and lived in those dangerous black neighborhoods. But yet they never told us what made those black schools bad or even why those black neighborhoods were dangerous. No, we didn’t find out until… it was too late. And now we know. The Marxists and Communist lied to us. The deceived us, they used trickery against us. They F’d up our minds. And they are yet doing it today. Will we, Whites, continue to ‘take it?‘ Will we ever wake up? I mean, before it’s really too late? And we’ve reached a point of no return? It’s getting close you know. And reports like the one within the post, show just how close it has become.


One comment

  1. Anton Chigurh

    Coon isn’t fit to run a formerly white city. Even herding goats is beyond his skill set. F&^$K all the “CIBIL RITES” leaders from LBJ all the way to “Scoop” Jackson.


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