Jews are nothing but a ‘small, tiny, insignificant, ineffective and persecuted minority.’ – “Anti-Semitic” Ted Nugent

How many times has anyone heard ‘jews are just a religion’ – when someone makes negative comments towards them?

Below, I commented on that. And it got too long for a comments section so thought I’d drop it here as well. (Direct link here)

The site linked above is a good site. I like it. Most of the commenters do not like negro’s, Muslims or Mexicans. These folks can understand the damages these 3rd world people cause and their dislike for them is more than understandable. BUT, when anyone mentions the top dog of ‘minorities’ and the group that does more damage than all other minorities combined – these same people go completely nuts in defending them. And I’m referring to jews. Yes, jews are defended at this site like crazy.

I’ve always thought, or at least hoped, that when/if White folks ever ‘woke-up’ – they would do so in their understanding of the blacks and browns in their countries. And what I mean by that is, that White people would understand who protects blacks and browns, who brings them into our countries, who has protected them with anti-white laws such as affirmative action and of course who is it in the media that lies, denies, minimizes and sometimes even outright conceals black or brown crime against White people. And of course the answer to all that and more… are jews! But yet these same people who despise, and rightfully so, blacks, Muslims and Mexicans actually love the main curse to them, the jews. Well, that’s all I will say on this. For anyone who desires click the link above and/or read below.

The jew is immunized against all dangers but one - Goebells -- Expose Them All, ETA

Nice side step. My point was, jews can not be considered solely as a religion. Although it’s PC AKA latent Marxist to say that – it’s not 100% true. We hear that a lot though – like when jews are written or talked about in a negative way. Some PC AKA latent Marxist comes off with – ‘oy vey, they are attacking an entire religion.‘

The truth is, they are not attacking a religion, As more than 1/2 of jews do not believe in God, do not attend synagogue, and thus are NOT religious.

You can do your own study by searching something like; ‘less than half of jews are religious.’

What jews are – in large part, they a very hostile elite operating in America – all while portraying themselves as a ‘small, tiny, insignificant, ineffective and persecuted minority.’ Not all jews of course, but, enough to where it’s abundantly clear. And for one to ignore it – is a foolish thing to do. Like is said, they control the money and the media – and through that power they control the government and military. Now, one can either believe it or deny it. And, it won’t change truths no matter what one does. But truths are better than lies and it’s up to each individual decide which is which.

Another thing one may desire to do, and that is, commit to search and study of something like; ‘jews rule America.‘

And just remember, this isn’t about hate – or, the jews have made themselves a name for it, ‘antisemitism’ – this is about truth. And while truth is hate to those who fear it – it’s knowledge and power to those who have no fear.

‘Antisemitism;’ supposedly means an ‘illogical hatred towards jews’ – but are all hatreds towards jews illogical? One must remain in a stupor or seek answers. Plus, there are no names made up for hatred against White people. And why is this? Because in the minds of Marxist haters – it’s only logical to do so.

Once again, to reduce all jews to the level of a religion is asinine. It’s’ an outright insult. It’s an affront to me, you, and even jews themselves. Jews are much more powerful and even more cohesive than any religion – and most are not even religious. Jews are a hostile elite operating within your country and the world. And it would be damned foolish to think otherwise.

And BTW and in short, ‘jewish religion’ (Judaism – Talmudical etc) are admittedly not an inspired works by any God. Their books are admittedly written by wise men of old. Elderly jews out of history and nothing more. Which is why some jews convert to Christianity. They see Judaism as a ‘religion of death,‘ No hope, no future and no Savior. Christianity has a Savior, its books inspired by The God. And some jews understand that. I dropped the names of four jews who had converted in another post, this thread. You should listen/read what they have to say. You should understand them. As it’s more than obvious, they are more knowledgeable than you.

And just so anyone who reads this understands, just like most jews, and most Whites for that matter, I am not a religious person. I mean I hope everything written in the Christian Bible is true but, well… that’s all I’m going to say.


Whites; Once again, taking the side of the jew …
… throwing truth-telling White under the bus.

Jews are a religeon (1)

Jews are a religeon (2)

Jews are a religeon (3)

Jews are a religeon (4)

Jews are a religeon (5)

Jews are a religeon (6)



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