Hyena Attack; FL; 23-yo White girl – Craigslist – male black roommate – beaten, stabbed, brain damaged – graphic – Danielle Jones – Byron Mitchell

Danielle Jones, Craigslist, Beaten, Stabbed, Left for Dead - black on White - Expose Them All, ETA



Update: Most likely spreading for the beast



  1. Anonymous

    Right cause white men ain’t killing nobody on craigslist, nor are white men the biggest killers of people around the world, but it’s different cus you call it War, and always find a reason to justify it. It’s only bad when a person of color does the exact same thing on a much smaller scale… Now I ain’t justifying this man. He deserves to be killed (if this story is even real), but to try to paint the picture that all black people are evil because this man (if he exist) is retarded. They’re evil people within any and every group whether it be race, religion, government, an organization, institution, etc… The problem with people like you are you lack the ability to see beyond the surface, so all you see is race. This is why even if every black man, woman and child left America and Europe your social and economic problems would stay the same. You have no idea how to fix the problem and likely don’t even know what the problem is.All you see is black people are poor and violent and rather than ask what situation could make people poor and violent you say, It’s just the way black people are. I truly believe we as a people are about to leave your countries, and you will see first hand what I am talking about. I predict when this happens and black people are no longer around for you to blame you will divide yourselves into Irish, German, liberal, conservative, North and south; and you will still be using the same blame tactics because you lack the cognitive ability to problem solve.


  2. Anton Chigurh

    We love our race. I will not pray for you. Instead, I will make sure you & your kind gets deported to Africa or enslaved as medical experiment test subjects. You do realize that jews sold your smelly ancestors to the wealthiest 1 percent of colonists, don’t you?


  3. Anonymous

    You all are a bunch of racist pigs, I will pray for you.You do realize you stole this country from native american indians..right?


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