Obammy tries to dump on Trump…. (but the teleprompter froze!)

I’m, I’m, I’m, afraid, afraid, afraid… Tr, Tru, Trum, Trump’s going to beat my, my, my ass!

Crazy Obama - Expose Them All - ETA

LOL – the moment his teleprompter broke – didn’t know what the hell his speech writer wrote – didn’t know what the hell to say — if if if if if if if if if …. if only that teleprompter wouldn’t have stopped working….

The most dysfunctional person in America, trying to dump on Trump, one of the most successful. The sheer audacity, arrogance and ignorance of Barack Obama-Barry Soetoro (whatever his real name is) is truly shocking. And we’ve been forced to put up with this for almost 8 years now!

Nice work Paul Joseph Watson!

Trump 2016!



One comment

  1. Anton Chigurh

    “Build on progress”?!?!?!?!? how does he define progress? releasing coon felons early to inflict damage on society? giving coons section 8 to degrade white communities? penalizing schools that punish offending coons due to “disparate impact”? allowing illegal aliens to invade the U.S.? refusing to deport illegals or enforce immigration laws? and let’s not forget “Fast & Furious” which put weapons into the hands of drug dealers with no one held accountable. This is only a partial list of the “progress” this ape has inflicted upon the U.S. Is it any wonder no one takes him seriously anymore?


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