Our Russian brothers and sisters – what a beautiful people…

Just absolutely beautiful. Wow, I remember the USA being something like this when I was a child. Exhibiting pride in one’s nation and one’s people, brings forth pride in one’s self. And what better virtue, honor and value could one instill within their children than this? Wow, just wow.

Children’s Day in Russia - Expose Them All, ETA (2)In America, under Communist rule, our children are taught to bow their heads low and stare down in shame and defeat. And it goes without saying, that instills anything but pride. And lack of pride leads our children to much heartache, discontent and failure later in life. This is why by the time they get into their teen years they rebel. And they do not rebel against their parents ‘old ways’ or to bring a new type of goodness or prosperity into their modern era. No. They rebel against anything and everything good and righteous while seeking out today’s decadence and perversion. And in America, under Marxist rule, they have made it law to where decadence’s and perversions are the norm. Just ask any young White man sporting makeup and adorned in a women’s skirt. You may very well find him lurking inside the nearest women’s restroom. Just ask any White ‘Black Lives Matter’ flunky. Ask them about pride, respect and dignity. And don’t be surprised when you find they know nothing about it, nor do they have a cognizant reality of it. And they’re all over America, their numbers continue to grow. The sicker our young are taught, encouraged and allowed to be, the sicker they become.

I can certainly understand Russia’s plight under Bolshevism. But the Jewish oligarchs who ruled over Russia during that time, made one mistake. They allowed you all to remain predominantly homogeneous. Thus you all came back from the brink of death, you all survived. Learning from that mistake well, they’ve enforced a policy of ‘diversity and multiculturalism’ upon us. While it’s the same alien and hostile elite who once ruled over you, that now rule over us, they’ve merely formulated a different scheme. Yet the hate they had for you then, is the same hate they have for us now. And their plot of ‘diversity and multiculturalism,’ while they outright murdered millions of you, their new plot is a tad more subtle. More subtle, yet much more dangerous. As traveling down this road is the path which leads to our total and complete demise. But that road has turned into a super highway as late, and as a result, we are surely destined to die. And of course I mean ‘die out as a race.‘ As once one disappears within the Zionist ‘melting pot’ of hate, there is no place in which to return. And for any who can’t understand nor comprehend that, then carry your 60-70 IQ with you as you threaten or fight with an American cop. Because that’s the fate you deserve, you’re too stupid to live.

While I’m happy for Russia I am sad for my country. And what a conflict that causes in one’s mind. Just when I want to smile for Russia, my countenance falls and I must cry for mine.


Remember Mother Russia, when White nations first spread throughout the earth, we were all the same people. And we’re still the same, division only comes from our government. And I am referring to the Communist ruled government of America much more than I am yours. While it’s true we have developed separate and distinct cultures, customs and heritages today, again, we are still the same people. Thus when our Zionist government threatens and surrounds you with their military as they are doing, and then disparages and lies about you in their media, remember, it’s not us, the people, it’s them, the Zionists. And they more than know we are the same, this is why they do what they do. The battle of Bolshevism against Russia yesterday, continues against America under Zionism today. And they would love nothing better than us to war with each other. Why? Because they want us to share one other thing, our final histories. And that is a history of death, death to us all.

And once the dust settles and the war has come to an end. If any were to survive, surely one more lesson could be attained. It would take an intelligent, loving and prideful people to bring us, the White race, back again, Like it read below… “our children, they are our future.“  Yes, and that’s why they demoralized, damaged and instilled shame in ours. They don’t want our children to have a future. I’m convinced, all hope lies in Russia. Watching those children dance while celebrating ‘Children’s Day’ touched me, I guess I’m that demoralized too. While it may be hard for some to understand, it gave me a feeling as if my brother who died when he was ten and I was twelve, just came back to life. I know, ridiculous, right? Yet it did inspire me in a mystical way. If only for a moment, it instilled me with hope. Hope for the White race.

Keep inspiring our children with honor, dignity and self-esteem. While I fathered not one, I feel as a father to all.

Love and respect from America.


Children’s Day in Russia - Expose Them All, ETA (1)http://russia-insider.com/en/russia-show-its-young-talants-1st-june/ri14755


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