Russian scholar Stephen Cohen shuts down CNN shill host who tries to link Trump to Putin

CNN; 'Communist News Network' transforms into 'Clinton News Network' to fight Trump - Expose Them All (1)

Prof. Stephen Cohen; 'Trump trying to end an (Obama-Clinton instigated) cold war on Russia' - Expose Them All


Flashback to another attempted CNN hack job on Trump using a jewish guest…

Gene Simmons has a lot of respect and admiration for Donald Trump. Lemon asked Simmons if Trump should change the tone of his rhetoric. Gene didn’t fall for it. “Donald Trump is a loving family man,” Simmons told Lemon. “His children are terrific. He’s anti-drug, anti-booze. The guy is a straight shooter.” Just how many people have to come forward and testify that Trump is a good guy? A nice guy? The media keeps bashing him, just as the Republicans do. What Nikki Haley did last night in the SOTU response was disgraceful. Instead of attacking Obama, she slammed The Donald. With the approval and sanction of Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and the rest of the establishment Republicans, I might add. If they are looking for a villain, the media and RINOs might want to gaze into a mirror.

DC whores on Trump; turn up the heat - media; we already have - Expose Them All





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