Problems viewing PDF(s) (the ones I had personally rendered)

The below info is for those who came in from direct link (dropped within notes, folders and ZIPS) of PDF’s I had personally rendered. And may be of little use otherwise.


If you had arrived at this page via direct link, embedded within a PDF file, read the below paragraph. For those who came in from direct link within a folder containing a PDF(s), you may have already seen the below.

“PDF’s rendered with PDF-XChange Editor (paid program) and are best viewed by PDF-XChange Viewer (free).  Viewing by other PDF readers, such as with Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader – PDF may become unstable, out of format or have difficulty in viewing.”

Examples Below (all set at 100% zoom level):

As rendered – multiple (two total) inserts stitched together as one piece, scrolls smooth and as one page


As viewed by PDF-XChange Viewer;

Format a tad off but no issues with scrolling or page up, page down functions – even with the two inserts, scrolls as one continuous page


As viewed by Adobe Acrobat Viewer;

No issues with format but, pages (inserts) have become unstitched, as can been seen in image below, the next stitch (insert) is missing from view

When scrolled, it scrolls down fine but on the way back up, it locks in on second insert and will not return
to the first insert (when smooth scrolled)

And in order to get it to return to the first insert, the page up button must be pressed

This is a problem for most people, because once it locks in, their first thought is; ‘the person who made this PDF screwed up’

The most common (free) PDF reader is Adobe Acrobat Viewer. But it’s not the best


Another Example:

Same as in first image above, rendered with PDF-XChange Editor

Also viewed with PDF-XChange Editor

But in this case there are 14 inserts (three can be seen in below image)

And those 14 inserts are a real problem for Adobe Acrobat PDF Viewer

I’ll explain below


Viewed by PDF-XChange Viewer

Same as above (in second pic) format a tad off but no issues in scrolling


Adobe Acrobat PDF Viewer below image:

Format not an issue, looks good, functions as designed

The problem comes in when smooth scrolling (up-down arrows)

It unstitches each of the 14 inserts, seeing each insert as one separate and distinct page

Then, locks in on each page, refusing to move to the next!

What a piece of &^%$# this thing is!

And once locked in, (that lowlife, no gooderness mofo who rendered this PDF file)…

…it won’t go to the next ‘page!’

It just won’t budge!

At least not until one moves their finger all the way over to the up-down buttons!
and those damn things (on my keyboard) are prit near 1-1/2-2″ inches away!

But seriously, Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader/Viewer shouldn’t change inserts as pages
(but it does)

And this is where the problem is – not in rendering

Just get yourself another PDF program – tons of free ones out there

I linked to one above, it just happens to be the same brand as the program I use to render my PDFs

But it doesn’t matter, other PDF readers/viewers will do just as good

So the bottom line is… you need another PDF reader/viewer

Just something besides Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader/Viewer

Also, on a side note, over the years I’ve seen many people complaining about Microsoft’s Media Player

Just like Adobe’s PDF program, it’s a POS

But many people continue to use Media Player because they think it’s the only option

But it’s not

There are a lot of better and more reliable players, players that play many more formats than Windows Media Player

Personally I use GOM Media Player – but not the latest version

Because the latest version is full of advertising and is almost useless

The version I use is from 2012 – version – that’s when it was a decent player

Direct download link here – make sure you set it to not download updates

Here’s the page link – look for the version above

But anyway, Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader/Viewer results below
Where’s the other 13 inserts? Oh yeah, they’re ‘pages’

And those ‘pages’ won’t smooth scroll, they lock up tighter than a nun’s cu… pu… I say, they’re tight…

POS program

PDF-XChange Viewer review


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