Negro animal murders white ex, 4-yo daughter, sentenced by female negro to 50-75 years – (negro domestication into society or, the taming of the beast)

The articles below offend me. Yes, I just figured out I’m the sensitive type. I was offended when they considered this negro animal a “man.” Then again when it was reported in some media as “domestic violence.” While I can understand the violence part, I couldn’t figure out how a F’n 100% undomesticated negro sub-animal savage, involved with a doped up white woman he murdered, be considered as ‘domestic?’ I’ve always thought of that word as meaning something like ‘tame’ or even in someway ‘civilized’ – as in a domesticated animal, you know, like a friendly pet… a dog or cat or even some useful farm animal like a cow or a sheep or a lamb. I just never thought of a hateful, violent and useless negro as ‘domesticated.’ F man, when were they ’domesticated’ I pondered? And I just couldn’t figure it out. Thus I became confused. And yes, I’ll fess up, I was offended at the mere mention of the word in correlation with that of a beast. — negro – domestic — domesticated – friendly — vile negro — beast — domestic violence —- negro animal — white woman — 4 year old White baby girl murdered – tame — domesticated….

In one article it informed me that the negro was sick, yeah, mentally sick it said… and I thought… hell man, I already knew that, the lowlife MF’s have an average IQ of 70-75 and thus it suffers from some sort of mental deficiency. But then I got confused again, you know… where a mofo just sits there, sweating profusely, shaking, mind twirling a thousand miles an hour, yet can’t come to one conclusive, logical thought. And yes, YES, I became offended all over again… it said the negro was “bi polar” – I thought, WTF does that mean? That sure sounds like an awfully sophisticated disease or something for a primitive negro. Then it dawned on me, I thought, what the F did those jews come up with here? You know, ‘modern psychology,’ jew, Sigmund Freud (Sigismund Schlomo Freud) – oy vey – you know… ‘the White man is inherently sexually frustrated because he secretly desires to have sex with his mother‘ (that basterd). I realized rather quickly, this is one sphere of the influence and legacy he had left behind for others to build on. As one man put it, part of that jew-orchestrated chaos, confusion and destruction of White Western Societies. And now, this type utter BS is being made into an excuse for vile negro animals when they kill a White – even a White 4-yo child! I mean listen, the MF’s are equal with you, the same as you, better than you – up to and except when they kill one of you… then, and only then, are the vile, violent, dense and dumb beasts retarded! Excuse me man, ‘bi polar!’

I’ll tell you what, I’m so confused and F‘d in the head right now…. errr, I meant, I‘m ‘offended’ that at this point  I’m thinking screw that jew BS, screw that female negro judge with its 50-75 year sentence, and string this MF up to a nice, stout oak tree! And that federal government mandated affirmative action ‘judge’ too! – I mean, of course, if it’s legal to do. After all, most of us White folk, we’re civilized, we’re creatures of law, we’ve been domesticated. And we certainly wouldn’t what to commit an illegal act. But hey, they didn’t outlaw a White man dreaming did they? The negro beast being unleashed and released upon us is really a nightmare, that’s what it is… and I jus, I just… want… to end… the… nightmare…

Below, a must listen for every White man and woman living today. Screw ‘racism and anti-semitism’ and learn some truths. Just common sense, logical, honest truths folks. That’s all it is.

Pierce-19970412 – Toward a Healthy Society — (more here)

MI; black ex con murders white ex, 4-yo daughter – sentenced – Savannah, Heidi Walker (11-30-16)



MI; black ex con murders white ex, 4-yo daughter - sentenced - Savannah, Heidi Walker (11-30-16) (1)


MI; black ex con murders white ex, 4-yo daughter - sentenced - Savannah, Heidi Walker (11-30-16) (2)


MI; black ex con murders white ex, 4-yo daughter - sentenced - Savannah, Heidi Walker (11-30-16) (3)


If there is a God, he sure created the most beautiful thing. And if there is a Satan, in the negro, he most certainly created the most vilest beast the world has ever known.

Huh? Look, look at the image below. How many of you White men could hurt her? And I’m talking about the baby girl. How many of you would sexually abuse her? Not many. And the only ones who could, would be the ones subverted by our jew-enriched culture (listen to the MP3 I dropped above). And of course a satanic negro.

She would melt most of you fellows hearts. And just to see her hurt in anyway would hurt you. I know me, just knowing what that satanic primitive primate done to her, makes me tear up. And I don’t cry over sh-t. But boy, if one doesn’t have feelings here, they just don’t have feelings period.

And it’s just as Putin had said; “A society that can’t defend its children has no tomorrow” — (video).

I used to say similar things concerning women – a society which can’t defend it’s womenfolk ceases to be a society. But now, in some instances it’s our children. We are weak, we’ve been demoralized. We’ve been propagandized of how the negro and non-whites in general are our equals, are our friends and pals. And they can even be our lovers and companions. And the jew, the multicultural instigators, the diversity enforcers, the destructors of our societies… they knew, they understood, they designed it… that once Whites swallowed their lies concerning non-whites, the next step would be Whites intermingling with their non-white tools – the utilities and means to our destruction. I mean yeah, they call it ‘racism and hate’ and it is, but the jew subverts everything, they talk in opposites. And it’s not our hate, nor is it us that’s ‘racist’ – it’s them, the jew. You can’t design the destruction and genocide of a people, of Whites, without hate, can ya?

And you women, White women, how many of you all would have gained much pleasure and happiness just by cuddling with that baby while watching a kid’s show? Huh? Like 99.999% of you? Listening to her laugh and giggle at the most funniest parts of the show. Both feeling the warmth of pure love and sheer kindness as you held her, as you caressed her, as she gently tugged at your hair, as you laughed with her? Feelings – isn’t that what womanhood is all about – feelings? And yeah, sure, ‘all about’ is an overstatement but still, you all want to feel safe, secure, having someone to love, one who loves you back – right? So how could one of you, like the one within this post, the murdered mother, simply become devoid of those feelings? And not only place herself in danger but her child as well? How, how could this happen?

I’ll tell you why…

Because dopers, even emotional, feelings laden female ones have no sensations. Furthermore, they trade their femininity, their womanhood, their motherhood in for an empty, meaningless nothingness. Not only are they dumb, they’re numb. They turn into n-ggers. Lowlife, uncaring and selfish n-ggers! They lose love, they lose feelings, they lose pleasure, they lose compassion, they turn insensitive, they turn into n-ggers! Just as soon as that lowlife white b-tch took her first snort, her first shot, her first needle – she lost everything – she became a FUCKING NIGGER! OK!? And what’s worse, much worse, she put her baby girl in danger! Because just as soon as she took that first nigger dose, and got involved with that nigger buck, she became a nigger – and one could almost count the number of days her baby had to live. And yeah, I know, that “N” word… ewwww-awwww… simply disgusting huh? Leave me a message about it hey?

But first, before you do, look, look below and tell me, where I am wrong…

MI; black ex con murders white ex, 4-yo daughter - sentenced - Savannah, Heidi Walker (11-30-16) (4)



  1. Anton Chigurh

    You are not wrong. Mudsharks are beset by 3 problems: dope, kink, or ugliness. This bitch probably had all three. It’s a shame she didn’t care enough about her little girl to get her out. God didn’t let this happen: jews & their nigger shock troops made this happen.


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