Pair of dark female hyenas sniff out 66-yo White man cashing check at Wal-Mart – hunts him down, kills him – jury sentences one to death – bleeding heart judge reduces to life

Saraya Atkins (left) was sentenced by jury to death, bleeding heart judge
reduces it to life —— Kymberli Lindsay (right) will go on trial May 2017

Born killers of the worst kind Saraya Atkins, Kymberli Lindsay - ETA, Expose Them All

The victim’s brother, Terry Perry, wanted the same sentence I wanted – to swing…

Victim's brother thinks they should swing... so do I - ETA, Expose Them All


While these female negroes were looking for easy White prey, had they been on the hunt for another negro, it would have been much more difficult. As any negro, like a rat in an open field, would have been extremely mindful and suspicious of anything around it. Thus any potential negro victim would have immediately recognized and spotted a lurking and on the hunt negro with just one quick glance. Negroes are very leery of other negroes as they understand how dangerous their savage brethren can be. This is why you’ll never see the brightness of a big screen TV glowing from a front room window of a negro’s crib – they know that at some point a lurking and on the prowl beast will rip through that window and just snatch it – killing anything and everything in the crib that even poised as if it wanted to stop the theft. This is why you’ll very rarely see a shed in a negro’s back yard. Not only will some wild black beast steal any and everything in it, they’ll also steal the shed. This is why any burglary tools, stolen lawn mowers or ‘borrowed’ bicycles will most likely be kept inside the crib. It’s just negrologic to the cautious negro animal. And the only logic most negroes possess. It’s necessitated because no being knows or understands a negro better than another negro. This is also why they kill each other as they do. Respective fear. They understand how cunning, conning, tricky and sneaky they, as individuals, are. And they know that if another negro would ever get the upper paw on them, it would be the end. Thus in many instances they strike first. There’s been cases where a paranoid negro would just up and cap his fellow hoodster cold. When the police ask why, they’ll say something like; ‘I caps dem fore dems caps me. When the policeman explained… but, they weren’t even armed. The negro would say, ‘aye aint knows dat sir.’

Yet White people are foolish. They’ve let down their guards. They’d feel terrible and evil and awful and ‘racist’ if they thought by the same logic as negroes think. And that is just insane. It’s crazy. These are dangerous animals man. Killers of the worst kind. You can’t keep your eyes off of them for even for one second. And if you do, anything could happen. They’ll shoot you over a dime and keep shooting until that penny you swallowed when you were 3 years old became dislodged and fell from your body. Call me what you will but listen, be wary of ANY negro around you and at ALL times. And I don’t give a sht if its dressed to the nines and has a $200 suit draped over it, I wouldn’t give a damn if they covered it with a fireman’s uniform and called it ‘general’ – always – ALWAYS be wary and leery of ANY and ALL dark beasts within your midst! Being a realist and ‘racist’ saves lives baby… and the life it saves may be your own!

First rate country my ace. It’s a lie. It’s an impossibility. You can’t have a first world nation when its filled with third world savages.’ This isn’t the America of yesteryear – where Whites could walk their streets unmolested. This is the new America, the negro America, the America where dark hyena predators hunt White prey.

The White victim this time – 66-yo Robert Perry

Victim Robert Perry - ETA, Expose Them All

The late Mr. Perry shown with his wife

Victim Robert Perry w wife - ETA, Expose Them All



Flashback to 2014 – White man murdered – female negroes arrested
Jury Selection
Jury votes to execute
Judge reduces to life

Victim Robert Perry w wife - ETA, Expose Them All

To be archived;
AL; 66-yo White man cashes check, Robert Perry, followed, murdered, 2 female blacks – on trial – Dec. 2016 (Zip)

AL; 66-yo White man murdered by 2 female blacks - Robert Perry, black on White crime - Expose Them All


One comment

  1. Anton Chigurh

    If you lived in a place where wild animals could attack you at any time, especially in the presence of food, the animals would be exterminated in a few months.
    If you lived in a place where niggers could attack you at any time, especially in the presence of cash, the media, schools, courts and city leaders would say you are racist for thinking such thoughts.


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