White Marine Vet leaving Cardinals game shot, paralyzed by black thug in 2015 – buys Christmas presents for thug’s offspring in 2016

The main thug, sweet lil Kilwa Jones, who had previously been sentenced to 35 years in a federal penitentiary in this case. Was just sentenced to 40 years in a state facility on the same case. Prior to the state sentencing, the White victim, who was attending a St. Louis Cardinals BB game in 2015 to celebrate his mother’s 60th birthday when he was coldheartedly gunned down. Stated; ‘I got them (thug’s offspring) gift cards and stuff’ for Christmas. Also informed the anti-white media how he will reach out to the ‘man’ that left him paralyzed. And  will even visit him in prison. What a great guy heh? Boy, if only I had a buddy like that. We could just sit around the campfire talking some of that intellectual stuff. Like how negroes will rob, rape and kill you, yet, they are still some pretty good MF’s.

It sounds as if the victim is more a loving pal to his tormenter rather than victim. Like as if it were the negro who became paralyzed while doing some heroic deed and an equally great man steps in to care for his children. And, like Reginald Denny, who did everything but apologize to his black attackers for his brain injury suffered from a brick being thrown at his face full-force, profusely forgave his tormentors. It sounds as if this White victim, shot in front of his wife and paralyzed during a robbery attack in black-St. Louis, also forgives his black oppressor. Now, if only the negroes would forgive them for slavery that Whites had abolished over 150 years ago, we might be ready for some of that ‘racial healing’ (whatever the F that is). Yet this isn’t the case at all. This is more like a psychological attack to where one takes a proud, happy and healthy human being and beats them down until they feel like they are nothing. Or during Communism. Where the leaders taught the perpetrators that they were the humans. And it was the other guys, the victims, who were the nonhumans. And to beat, torture and even kill them was just like disciplining an unruly animal. And the more this went on, the more comfortable the actors were within their roles. This is the state of the White male in today’s American society. He may not have been physically abused but the results have been the same. The White male has been put on the defensive with multitudes of accusations and insinuations tossed his way. And with innumerable degrading and debilitating attacks for so many years that he has become Communism’s nonhumans. He’s been called ‘racist, bigot, hater, liar, thief and an all around no good mofo’ for so many decades now that, well, these are the results of those efforts. He feels as if he is nothing – even when he is the victim of something. An animal jumps from out of the black-ghetto jungle and callously shoots you or throws a brick at your face but yet you are so lowly you can’t even up the mental strength to understand you are the victim. Because through years of demoralization you feel inferior, you feel unworthy of being a victim. You’ve been abused so long you don’t comprehend, understand nor recognize what a real victim is. And then in turn you’ve become a do-gooder. You don’t know how to fight back, fight back how… and for what? You’re a cowered dog, an animal, a nonhuman, who ‘must’ have done something wrong. One who just wants to please their master so their master won’t hurt them any more. You’ve become a guilt-ridden, shamed and lowly sack of sht. Excuse me for being so blunt but nobody but a F’n idiot wants to help or associate with some wild sub-animal beast that robbed, shot and paralyzed them.

You weak in the knees weasel, just cut off your cod already and become as a woman. And just like a beaten and battered woman – whenever your abuser, tormenter and rapist is around just spread your ass cheeks for them. But don’t concern yourself with cognizant thought or rational reasoning and worry you may forget. Because you won’t, it has developed into an involuntary reflex for you to do so. It will just come natural. You’ll allow yourself to be raped in one way or another. You’ll feel bad about yourself if you don’t. You’re Communist America’s b-tch now. And just like a woman who tolerates and accepts the abuse, you’ve left victimhood far behind and are in the realm of shear stupidity. And once committing you are nothing but a fool. But only worse, you are a fool of a fool. A slave of a slave. A nonhuman creature susceptible to whatever they say you are or whatever they accuse you of being. Yesterday, White men would die before they’d willingly lose their manhood’s. Today, they simply commit mental suicide and in turn become so physically feminized that they never even realized they were men. A man? Nothing but a woman with a dik.

Yet another sickening, sad-sack situation here. A MF accosted, robbed and shot on the street. By nothing but a mere biped animal. And the victim… does this cause some ‘man’ to jump inside of him and force him into a plan of action? Maybe even something as remedy so others who look like him will not suffer the same fate? No, the bastid was already mentally and spiritually raped and he ‘fights’ back the only way his feeble mind knows how. By buying his tormenter’s chillins Christmas presents. While desiring to ’reach out’ to that tormentor and visit him in prison. He doesn’t give a sht about anything other than to please himself via pleasing his tormentor. To make it appear as if he has some shred of humanity within him. But he doesn’t. Oh he’ll get a little media attention while boasting about the things he’s going to do for the negroes but that’s all he’ll get. He’s going to buy Christmas presents and visit the negro in prison. Oh boy. And it won’t be long until he’s at the prison gates demanding for his release.

F you, you ain’t no Marine. You’re a weak in the knees faggot. And damn, I wanted to feel bad for him. After all, he was a victim. But in his mind he’s not worthy of being a victim, and it’s the negro who is. Thus why should I feel any different than him? Plus, it’s this type mental illness that makes it impossible to feel bad for him. F him. That negro should have killed him right then and there on the street that night. Saved us all this embarrassment. The jews gave you an out. Do as I said above. Cut it off and the next negro you see, just spread for them. You feminized punk.


White Marine Vet leaving Cardinals game shot, paralyzed by black thug - buys thug’s kid's Xmas gifts - Chris Sanna (12-2016)


White Marine Vet leaving Cardinals game shot, paralyzed by black thug - buys thug’s kid's Xmas gifts - Chris Sanna (12-2016) (2)


From 2015 Archive

White Marine Vet leaving Cardinals game shot, paralyzed by black thug – arrest made (1) Chris Sanna (MP4)

White Marine Vet leaving Cardinals game shot, paralyzed by black thug – mom speaks (2) Chris Sanna (MP4)

Black-St. Louis; Celebrating mom’s 60th BD at Cardinals game – White man shot by black, paralyzed – Christ Sanna (zip)

From 2016 Archive

White Marine Vet leaving Cardinals game shot, paralyzed by black thug – z buys thug’s kid’s Xmas gifts (3) Chris Sanna (MP4)

White Marine Vet leaving Cardinals game shot, paralyzed by black thug – buys thug’s kid’s Xmas gifts – Chris Sanna (12-2016) (zip)

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  1. Anton Chigurh

    I can just imagine the convo at the crib: niglets running around, axing da white man – “Is dis all you got, crakka?”


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