Don’t Jew My Juice (Videos)

Don’t Israel My Juice – Ryan Dawson (Dec. 2016)

Don’t Rape Me! Alarms Given to 6,000
Austrian Women (Margaret Howell ) (Dec. 2016)

(Fox News also used the Alex Jones video above)
(Even left the ads in)

Tucker Carlson – Manchelle Obama humiliates herself on national TV (Dec. 2016)

Tucker Carlson – Prof. Stephen Cohen;  ‘New Cold War,’
McCarthyism coming from liberals, progressives (Dec. 2016)

Tucker Carlson battles deranged jewess on Trump daughter
Ivanka after homosexual jew attacks her on plane (Dec. 2016)

Case Closed! Trump was right. Obama’s birth certificate
a fake – Arpaio, Jones, McBreen, more (Dec. 2016)

Epic Trump tweets of the week – bypassing former MSM – Millie Weaver (Dec. 2016)
(I love this woman boys, don’t say nothing bad about her – OK?)

Jewish dominated US media (formerly known as MSM) loses
it – Can’t handle Trump after he won election! (Dec. 2016)


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